Manifesting Courses

Energy Alchemy Level I

Awaken Your Soul. Become the Alchemist and be able to shift from one state to your desired outcome.

Begin learning how to manage your energy so you can be proactive rather than reactive, setting your vibe where you want, and lessen the chaos around you.


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Energy Alchemy Level II

Reclaim your Power & Spiritual Sovereignty, Expand Higher Mind Intuitive Awareness & Activate your Sacred Heart


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Quantum Creating

Manifesting Your Dreams with the Rays of Creation

Experience the profound shift immediately as you release old mental/emotional patterns that block the creation of abundance, well-being and harmony in all aspects of your life.


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Reiki Energy Healing

Learn the Usui System of Natural Healing, commonly called Reiki, which is a Japanese healing art that connects the student to a greater flow of Universal Life Force, which flows through every living thing. Kumari has been empowering students to connect to their healing power via in person trainings since 1993.

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Energy Alchemy Mastery

A year long deep dive small group program to apprentice with Kumari and claim your intuitive, healing and spiritual Mastery so you can become the teacher, healer, conscious leader, and planet-shifter the world needs you to be.


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Awakening to Animal Communication

Foundation Course

Deepen your relationship with your animals with these intuitive energy alchemy techniques so you can create a better understanding of what they are thinking and feeling.

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Claim Your Abundance Chant Course

A 33 day transformation course including daily audios of an ancient and powerful chant for prosperity; daily affirmations and prosperity teachings; and a private online group for support and sharing your mindset shifts and prosperity successes.


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