How to Make Decisions Intuitively

So You Can Finally Charge What You are WORTH!

If you are struggling in any of these ways…


    • Feeling drained and exhausted much of the time
    • Feeling like you are “burning out” and no longer love what you do
    • Know you are not charging enough, not asking for that raise, or not speaking your truth about money and self-worth issues
    • Keep doubting yourself, your decisions, your abilities and your true worth, so that you keep under-earning and over-delivering
    • Do you often feel you are never quite good enough, smart enough, attractive enough, capable enough, etc.?
    • Are you living on the edge financially, just barely keeping up with the most pressing bills but never getting out of that struggle cycle?



Then this course could be exactly what you need, and developing your intuition may be the most significant skill you can learn.


Even many highly successful business people, like Steve Jobs, have come to realize that “intuition is more powerful than intellect.”

That doesn’t mean that you should ignore your analytical mind and critical thinking skills; there’s a difference between using reason as a system of checks and balances and using it to talk yourself out of what your “gut” knows to be true.

Do you ever wonder why …


You are NOT attracting your ideal clients or customers?

You may need to learn how to Intuitively know once and for all how to set your fees in alignment with your inner guidance, rather than external factors. This is about finding that perfect balance between what your skills and gifts are truly worth AND what is the best and highest price for your ideal clients to fully receive the benefits you offer.

NEWSFLASH: If you are too low OR too high in your pricing, you will be missing the mark, and actually energetically blocking your potential clients or sales!!


Did you realize …

That you can access ANY ANSWERS on ANY TOPIC when you fully develop your intuition?

Yep, even about money and your value in the marketplace, fees, and pricing.

When you are out of alignment in ANY way…including what you are charging, then you are not in the flow of Abundance.


There is an inner alignment between you and your value, that once you uncover, allows everything in your life to flow.

Some Common $ Misconceptions that keep you stuck:


    • Charging less will increase customers, clients or sales.
    • Undervaluing your worth makes you more attractive to employers or business partners.
    • That you have to stay within the range that already exists for the service.

Setting fees to me is an inside job:


If you try to figure it out from externals you may never achieve true alignment…which is the energy of Abundance.

By not just comparing to others services, the market or the economy, but by trusting that inner number that makes you feel expansive, excited, juicy, valued and wanting
to give deeply…you are stepping into the perfect win-win for you and your clients.

Interestingly, this is also the magic number that will attract your ideal clients!

In This Course You Will Discover:

Real reasons why you (especially Women) don’t charge enough

Why looking externally at the economy or what others are charging, will set you up for failure

Why Setting your fees should definitely be an “inside job”

The true nature of the underlying Energy of Abundance so can begin to tune in and claim it

How to distinguish if your fees are too low, too high, or like Goldilocks, “just right”


In this course you receive:

3 Hours of Audio Training


Audio training on why you will be more successful, happy and abundant when you live from the inside out, and how to apply my HEART-SENSE Method for Intuitive Clarity even with setting your ideal fees.

Advanced Healing Video


Clearing Unworthiness and Self Doubt; Anchoring Acceptance and Self-Love

5+ Energy Alchemy Clearing Techniques


PLUS fun ways to raise your ABUNDANCE vibe

Downloadable Worksheet


Worksheet to help Prioritize your Values and Discover Your Big Why so you can zoom in on your purpose and passion

Intuitive Coaching


For setting aligned fees with participants just like you

This Could Be You…

“Kumari your Energy Alchemy Intensive really opened me up, and everything in my life began lining up! Shortly afterward I had the clarity and courage to let go of two business relationships that were really draining me, and then everything finally shifted. All the things I told you I wanted to manifest are happening: I finished my book, got published and am now enjoying being a sought after keynote speaker! I feel I am in a whole new dimension. I looked in the mirror during our intensive and was shocked to see that I looked 10 years younger!

PS I have trained with many prominent personal growth teachers and world class empowerment coaches, and I must say you are not only doing it all, but your teachings are at a Ph.D. level in comparison!”

Emile Allen, Author, Key-Note Speaker

I reached 6 out of 7 of my business and personal goals this year!

Wow Kumari! I just realized that 6 out of the 7 major goals I had when we started working together have all happened, including stabilizing my business income and adopting my daughter from India, which I nearly gave up on after years of obstacles. I am totally blown away by the deep level of work done in such a graceful and easy way. And the fabulous tools you’ve given me are just awesome. I feel as if there had been a dam holding the flow of my Soul at bay and our sessions just took the dam down and now I am absolutely flooded! Absolutely brilliant work!

Sitara Keppie

Landscape Architect, Scotland

YES!! I am SO Ready to Charge What I am Worth!


Investment: $197

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