woman sitting in the evening light on the beach, meditating, Activate Your Pure Potential and Align to Creative Source

Higher Heart Chakra Activation

Energy Activation Audio MP3 with Original Music | ~48 Minutes

woman sitting in the evening light, meditating, Activate Your Pure Potential and Align to Creative SourceThis empowering heart chakra activation audio has a two-fold purpose:


 1. To help you overcome any blocks that may be preventing you from moving forward in any area of your life.

2. To energetically realign you to your purest potential and creative Source.

Originally created for a Writing Coach to help her clients overcome their artistic and creative “writer’s blocks,” I quickly realized that this was no average “clearing your throat chakra” meditation. After channeling it directly in the studio one day (with no notes), I found that the releasing effect it had on the throat chakra (representing freedom of expression) was so powerful that it actually needed toning down. So, I asked Spirit to soften the energies for the physical bodies a bit. Please add a sentence how this audio helps for the heart chakra activation too, not only for the throat chakra.

This version is very similar but has the benefit of being energetically lighter to ease you into the new alignments more gracefully and comfortably and activates your higher heart chakra.

Listen to a Sample from the MP3 Below


As a radio and TV show host and presenter, my job requires me to listen to and evaluate a lot of meditative journeys and music. Kumari’s “Activate Your Pure Potential and Align to Creative Source” is one of the most sublime recordings I have ever listened to. The beauty of her voice and the power of her channeling skill, coupled with the exceptional quality of the production raise this recording to a level that I rarely get to experience. This is a perfect example of how a meditative journey should sound, and one that I shall return to again and again. I heartily recommend it.

Sandie Sedgbeer

Talk Radio/TV show presenter and host of OMTimes’ Magazine’s What Is Going Om radio show.

When I saw the title of the meditation I knew this was huge for me and an opportunity to move through my fears so that I can express my True Self. After listening, I feel that I have stepped out of my “little self” and remembered where I want to go with confidence and support. I will continue to listen to the meditation daily as I am aware of some fears and survival issues surrounding my throat chakra that I want to clear. Thank you Kumari!!

Teresa Parker

Reiki Practitioner, Atlanta

This guided meditation has been amazing for me these last few days!! It really is very powerful, and each time I listen to it, I take in something deeper. I had a sense of being inside of a dark blue sphere, like a personal bubble, before I listened to it, and now, I feel as if that sphere has been activated with the energy of my divine blueprint. It feels very supportive, and I suspect that something is at work now, that will show in my outer life a bit further down the road. As soon as it starts, I feel my energy shift – almost clicking me into a different awareness and space.. a kind of knowing/space where I received some much needed “adjustments”. The music alone works wonders!

Annette Coykendall

Intuitive Energy Healer, Florida

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