Free LIVE Monthly Energy Healing Meditation with Kumari

Last Sunday of each month at 11am Eastern time.

Now more than ever, we are being called to come together in compassion, peace and the highest frequency possible, so we can all stay strong, resilient and resourceful, and feel uniquely supported as only energy healing and guided meditation can do. Feel the global energy as I guide you (as I am guided) in a Healing Meditation that will connect you to Source and Universal Life Force, to Mother Earth and all of life.

These monthly energy healing meditations are appropriate for everyone, whether beginner or more advanced, who would like to receive this healing energy in the comfort of your own home. I also would like to invite all meditators, lightworkers and energy healers to join us and add your loving radiance to the Light of the world during these challenging times.

XOXO Kumari


What You Can Expect


1) Guided Meditation + What is included:

Meditation improves the immune system, reduces blood pressure and even sharpens the mind, research shows.

We will join YouTube, and I will guide you (as I am guided) in a Guided Meditation that will connect you to Source and Universal Life Force, to Mother Earth and all of life.

We will specifically focus on deepening our breathing, opening our hearts, releasing fear and stress, and strengthening our immune response.

You will be able to listen to this replay as often as you like.

2) Free Energy Healing + What is included:

hand underneath global, healing light circling globe, coming also in from the crown of the globe, free global energy healing and guided meditationI’m also going to send a major energy healing transmission for all who register. This energy infusion will help to clear and balance your energy centers to assist the body-mind-spirit to realign to Well-being and vitality and awaken your Inner Healer.

We will also do a special Healing for Mother Earth, nature and all of the animals, as it feels like this virus that attacks the lungs specifically is a mirror for how Mother Earth’s lungs (oceans and trees) are so congested and oxygen deprived.

Most people who have worked with me before know that the energy works on multiple levels: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

In my experience, energy often starts going out to people when they register, as I have created the intention that once permission is given, people receive the energy when they most need it, not just when I can get to them. As it is ‘Universal Life Force” that we are dealing with, it is not limited to my time schedule.

My main focus now is helping you to connect with Universal Life Force or Source energy so that you can raise your energetic frequency and realize your highest potential. This will naturally clear the energy blockages from your biofield (aura or energy field around your body) and can help you to:

☼ Reduce anxiety and worry

☼ Feel calm and peaceful

☼ Become more creative and resourceful

☼ Increate your intuition and clarity

☼ Feel healthier and stronger

☼ Enhance awareness and heighten consciousness

☼ Feel connected spiritually and emotionally

reiki energy healing on woman laying down, free global energy healing and guided meditation


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Energy Healing & Meditation FAQ

How to Participate:

Join live on Youtube, where you’ll be watching Kumari from her home where she’ll deliver a guided Meditation and energy healing in present time. This live-streaming event can be accessed from a computer in your home or office and will provide you the unique opportunity of interacting with Kumari “face-to-face.” You will be able to ask questions live via the chat feature of the live-stream.

What if I can't be there live?

If you can’t join us live on our energy healing and guided meditation, just make the intention to receive the healing energy in the highest and best timing for you; and you can view it later when we send out the replay link.

Can I sign up my friends and family?

Adults need to give their permission. Part of the reason these sessions have been so powerful is because we will be sending healing energy to each of your personally. Because Reiki is respectful of individual free will, it is permission based and I do need a few details (name, age, location eg City, State Country) to send to you and your animals specifically. I review the list while sending the healing, so please share this event with your friends and family, but they must give their permission.


What others experienced in past Global Energy Healing Meditations:

Powerful – Feel Totally New; Fear Easier to Let Go

“That was some powerful stuff — I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like that before. I totally forgot about the healing and then I got shut down out of nowhere. When I say it knocked me out I mean it…and I rested like never before. However this morning I woke feeling like a new woman in a totally new place for me. I feel new, I feel changed. When old fear thoughts come in, it is so much easier to let them go. I feel aligned and more expansive. I really am amazed. WOW is all I have to say. Thank you!!”


Priceless – my animals showed me how much they enjoyed it!!!

“Thank you for providing Buddy, Shadow and me with the healing session. I really appreciated the level of energy. I asked Buddy if he enjoyed his energy healing with you and he got all excited and started licking me like crazy. He does that whenever I mention your name over the years anyway, but seemed to be totally in-tune with what had happened. I then asked Kitty Shadow the same question and she looked at me intensely, licked my nose and purred. These moments are priceless to me and I appreciate all you do. Namaste”


Incredible –entire body heated up

“The healing session was incredible! I had made an intention that I be open to receive whatever was in my highest good. I lost track of time when suddenly my entire body heated up, I was pulling off my bath robe and running for a glass of water. I looked over at the clock and it was 9:10pm and I knew you were fully into your healing session!”


Powerful–headache and depression gone!

“Thank you for the healing. It was indeed powerful. I woke up with a headache and looking old and tired, depressed even. But now I feel OK, sexy and happy. Thanks a lot!!”


Please Pay It Forward


All I ask is that you please forward, and share this with anyone you think may benefit from a guided meditation and healing, including animals.

I also would like to invite all meditators and energy healers to join us and add to the Light of the world at this time. This creates an exponential uplift for all.

Let’s get this world HEALED!!
All my love

About Your Energy Healing and Meditation Guide ~ Kumari


Kumari is a catalyst for spiritual evolution.

An internationally recognized visionary, intuitive coach, master healer, Reiki master, best-selling author and animal mystic, Kumari’s greatest joy is empowering healers, coaches, teachers and conscious entrepreneurs to unwrap their intuitive, healing and manifesting gifts so they can experience their divine nature and the Bliss of Oneness.

Kumari of Kumari Healing, Reiki master and spiritual leader

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