12 Month Intuitive Healing Mentoring & Apprenticeship Starting January 28th, 2021

(Limited number of participants)


Do you want to claim your intuitive, healing and spiritual Mastery?


Do you want to become the teacher, healer and conscious leader the world needs you to be?


Are you craving a deep dive, small group apprenticeship with Kumari?


Al’chemy:​ transmuting one state into another


Be empowered with transformative intuitive coaching and energy alchemy techniques that clear away energetic debris, so you can live, work & play in a state of creative seniority, with more joy, freedom and accomplishment than you thought possible! Break through age old painful patterns so you can shine your light with your personal gifts and unique talents. Reach new levels of mastery to manage your energy, your mind and body to quickly create massive transformations with ease and graceful integration. Re-align your daily actions with your authentic mission, and create momentum and clarity in your projects & your relationships. Allow the fullness of your true Self and your Soul essence to illumine your world.


2 – Energy Alchemy Intensive Virtual Half-Days

These special soul-to-soul small group virtual intensive half-days with Kumari will kick start your personal, career and spiritual goals and get you accelerating now. Come prepared to get in-depth training, Soul level healing, breakthrough mentoring, and practical tools to accomplish your mastery as a healer, teacher, and leader and light-bearer. You will be both challenged and richly supported as Kumari masterfully supports you to have breakthrough transformations that benefit you for a lifetime in a small group setting.

24 – Energy Alchemy Mentoring Live Video Trainings


Need Personal, Spiritual or Career Mentoring? Intuitive Coaching? Accelerated Energy Healing? Enjoy bi-monthly 60-minute Virtual Mentoring sessions and Live trainings with Kumari.

2 Full Days Exclusive MASTERY Retreat (in person or virtual to be determined)

As an Energy Alchemy MASTERY participant you are eligible for a FREE ticket to a two day live retreat in Florida (or virtual depending on Covid restrictions). You will rejuvenate with the latest energetic attunements, powerful meditations and cutting edge transformational tools and plenty of personal mentoring to glide you through this time of great Shift. (Mastery participants only)

4 – Private Intuitive Healing Mentoring Sessions 

Receive quarterly private phone sessions (60 minutes) to accelerate your spiritual, personal or business expansion, receive energy healing infusions, crystal clarity and masterful coaching. (Value: $2,000)

Unlimited Email Access

Get access to my private email and go to the front of the line anytime you have questions or need support and guidance. Priceless!

Video/Audio replays of all sessions 

You receive replays for all livestream and personal sessions (group and private sessions) so even if you are not able to attend each one, you will have it for review whenever you need it.

Downloadable Powerpoint Presentations and Handouts

You also receive Kumari’s fabulous powerpoint presentations and other relevant handouts on most modules. Participants report these are invaluable additions to the live training sessions!


Reiki Certifications – Level I, II and Immersion 

Free ticket to 3 day Reiki intensive so you can heal yourself and others, even at distance!

Super Extra Bonuses+


Invest in your personal, professional and spiritual evolution with the MASTERY Program and receive these phenomenal Bonuses!

BONUS 1: Divine Human – now 12 months! 


Spirit-guided Course that will Redesign Your Physicality to House More of Your Divinity.  Weekly audio/video trainings, downloadable Guidebook, private online community and monthly Live Integration calls containing unique advanced energy healing transmissions to Re-Claim Your Soul Power, Ignite your Creative Passion, and Fulfill Your Divine Purpose. Lifetime Membership ($3,997)

BONUS 2: Awakening Healers Collective – 1 Year Membership 


This new online sacred community includes monthly Livestream video trainings with Q&A calls with Kumari and her Master Healers, private FB group, and special discounts on courses.

PLUS: Weekly Healing for the Whole Family + Pets!

BONUS 3: Understanding Your Sacred Money Archetypes


How you do money is how you do everything. Discover your Sacred Money Archetypes so you can pinpoint money blind spots and brainstorm opportunities for empowering your financial decisions and your personal growth. Uncover key areas where you may be giving away your power with money, and identify steps you can take to own your value, with confidence and clarity (Value: $297)

 BONUS 4: KumariHealing Library Archives 


You will have access to my substantial library of beginner to advanced energy alchemy training and intuitive coaching audio and videos, articles and worksheets to accelerate your expansion and growth in every aspect of your life: relationships, business, health, and spirituality. Just one group of 18 healing videos contains advanced energy techniques on targeted topics such as Healing Money, Relationships, Guilt, Procrastination etc. and is valued at $1,194!

BONUS 5: Awaken Your Soul Energy Alchemy Programs – Level I and II


— each course is 3 CDs of audios plus Downloadable Guide Daily Energy Techniques to access your Inner Strength, Clarity and Purpose. Foundational tools for energy management, deep healing and enlightened living.

We’ll Customize your Livestream MASTERY Trainings from the following samples:


    • Clarify Your Soul Purpose & Live your Highest Potential
    • Advanced Energy Tools for Clearing the Mind Chatter
    • Intuitive Energy Healing/Guided Meditations
    • Initiatory Energy Healing Attunements
    • Divine Wisdom Channeling for more Ease and Peace
    • Clear Obstacles and Manifest Your Dreams
    • Release Limiting Beliefs that Block Prosperity
    • Blast Open Your Intuitive Channels and Identify your current intuitive “strong suits”
    • Relationship Resonance Techniques for greater Harmony
    • and SO much more!

Ease, Freedom and Accomplishment Await you…

“Kumari your Energy Alchemy Intensive really opened me up, and everything in my life began lining up!. All the things I told you I wanted to manifest are happening: I finished my book, got published and am now enjoying being a sought after keynote speaker! I feel I am in a whole new dimension. I looked in the mirror during our intensive and was shocked to see that I looked 10 years younger! “PS I have trained with many prominent personal growth teachers and world class empowerment coaches, and I must say you are not only doing it all, but your teachings are at a Ph.D level in comparison!”

Emile Allen

MD, Author, TEDx Speaker, Florida

Flooded with Soul and Accomplished 6 of 7 Big Goals!

“I am totally blown away by the deep level of work done in such a graceful and easy way. The fabulous tools you’ve given me are just awesome. I feel as if there had been a dam holding the flow of my Soul at bay and our session took the dam down and now I am absolutely flooded! I have felt SO connected this last couple of days since our work. I am not impacted by other people’s energy so much. Also, my migraine and congestion in my head is fine! PS I took stock of all the big goals I set with you (business, personal, spiritual, relationship), and realized I accomplished 6 out of 7 this year! Absolutely brilliant work!

Sitara Keppie

Landscape Architect, Scotland

“AVATAR” Huge Film Success Translates into Global Recognition and More Great Opportunities

“Kumari has an amazing gift, and I am blessed to have experienced her incredible healing energy in many facets of my life. Two years ago our company was going through a challenging time, and we needed to make some important decisions to ensure that we could weather the storm. Kumari asked about our projects and when I mentioned one new film she said it was going to be “huge” and shared the incredible impact that this movie would have for both our company and that it would carry a powerful global message and encouraged us to stay the course.

P.S. The movie was “Avatar” the #1 grossing film of all time! As a result, we have received world-wide recognition for our proprietary technology and have translated this huge success into even more great film and video game opportunities in the six months since the film was released.”

Candace Alger

CEO Giant Studios

Energy Alchemy Mastery apprenticeship includes Kumari’s highly desired accelerated energy healing and conscious business training audios and videos, checklists, step-by-step templates, worksheets, plus coaching, accountability and personal and group support to help you stay focused and taking action! Your profound transformation and mastery starts when you invest in your future now!

Invest in Your Mastery Now ~ 2021 program starts January 28th, 2021

Regular Tuition: $12,997 

*** Ask about our payment plan option

Please print off the application form and send to Kumari via email



Become the AlcheMystic and Create Your Magical Life now!

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