EmBODYment Playshop

Inviting more Soul to inhabit your Body

Are you seeking cutting-edge ease, flow, harmony…. in your mind AND body?

Are you craving more connectedness, creativity, and CONSCIOUS  evolution?

Then this In-Person Playshop with Kumari and Dr. Suzanne is for you!

Sebastian Florida:
Saturday, March 9, 2024 10am – 4pm

Navigating these chaotic times with some semblance of grace and ease requires extra-ordinary resilience, centeredness, creativity and flexibility. Now more than ever it is time to come back home to the architecture of your own sovereign body intelligence.  It is time to connect to what feels good and to reclaim your power, your joy, and your vitality. It is time to remember who you truly are… an unlimited soul inhabiting an amazing form. 

It requires an emptying out of the old patterns and emotional stumbling blocks that no longer serve us… PLUS a full-body integration of the aspects of our Soul and higher consciousness so we can not only function optimally on all levels but truly embrace our true essence that craves ENERGENCE now…our joyful, Soul-full self.


‘The Body Is the Glory of the Soul’


Embodied spirituality regards the body as the home of the complete (or Divine) human being, as a source of spiritual insight, as a microcosm of the Universe and the Mystery, and as pivotal for enduring spiritual transformation.  

The relationship with our body is one you cannot leave out whenever you want to align deeply with your soul and heart’s purpose. Many live their whole lives disconnected from their bodies, missing out on its innate intelligence and healing wisdom, due to past dramas and traumas that leave an energetic restrictive imprint on the nervous system, and block your natural flowing life force and healing mechanisms. 


 The Invitation for your EmBODYment…

In order to love you have to be here.
And in order to be here you have to bring your mind home to your body.
–Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese monk, author, spiritual teacher

In this one-of-a-kind “playshop” you will discover anew how to more easily align body, heart, and mind so they may be in service to your greatest fulfillment and soul purpose. 

Through ancient and modern practices of chanting, meditation, sound healing, somatic awareness, conscious release, and subtle body integration and energy healing, you will learn how to consciously release the old patterns that constrict your life force causing all manner of discomfort, creating more spaciousness and flow so you can ultimately integrate and EMBODY the higher vibrational consciousness that is flooding our planet right now.  

You are invited to join this small in-person gathering and drop into your body and reconnect to your true essence. Discover and receive what you truly desire. Feel what supports and nourishes you. Invite your emotions to flow with more ease and awareness. Live your fulfilled life with inspiration and purpose.

This Could Happen For You…

Breath and Meditation much deeper; much easier to move; feeling Ecstatic Bliss longer!

“This morning I felt like there was more of me in me! Does that make sense? Yes, I felt more grounded. During meditation it felt like you had reignited smouldering embers under my feet. Felt like I was going to launch like a rocket/missile! My C-Spine and neck felt much at ease & looser to move. Thank you for the coordinated clearing you both facilitated.  How sublimely beautiful!”

“5-day Update: Kumari, your “download” is continually unfolding in my BMI apparatus. My massage therapist reported my muscles are much more relaxed & our energies were communicating with each other freely; so much so her body went into spontaneous motion like we are in a slow DANCE! My breathing is much more deep & fuller. Meditations have been so much deep deep deeper. When I come back to surface the ecstatic feeling of BLISS remains for quite some time.”

Bharathy Nair

Vero Beach, FL

Incredible! Back pain drastically reduced; better energy than in a long time

“The experience of being in the workshop with Kumari and Suzanne together was incredible. Their presence created such a sacred and safe space for stuck old energy to move and release. I feel lighter and more like myself than I have in months. They created a divine dance between their two modalities which allowed my body to find the “yes” to releasing what was not serving me. The feeling I left with was profound gratitude for their teaching and the space they helped us all create for our healing.

PS After a year of serious back pain, I can’t say all back pain is gone but it’s drastically reduced; and a lot of the heaviness has lifted. I felt really good the next day, better energy than I’d had in a long time!!”

Mahan Rose

Sebastian FL

Why Network Spinal PLUS Reiki Healing?


In this unique collaboration of ancient practices, Network Spinal chiropractic (aka Reorganizational healing) and Reiki energy healing, we have designed the perfect recipe for deep relaxation and subtle body integration so you can live more fully from your Soul.

Network Spinal is a profound, non-invasive, whole-body approach to wellness that connects you to your ability to heal, so you can achieve greater self-awareness and conscious awakening of the relationships between the body, mind, emotions, and how you approach your daily life.

Reiki, a Japanese term for Universal Life Force (or chi) enables you to effortlessly relax and rebalance at the causal level so you can experience deep healing, naturally. Reiki energy is applied through light touch or at a distance and often eases pain, strengthens the immune system, increases energy, creativity, and spiritual connection.

Combining Network entrainment with potent Reiki energy healing through personal hands-on healing, plus meditation, gentle movement in sacred gardens, chanting powerful ancient mantras, sound healing attunements with alchemy crystal bowls, this Playshop will shift your reality to more Well-Being, Harmony and Joy perhaps than you thought possible.


Enjoy these exquisite experiences:


  • Immersion in the power of ancient mantra and chanting to quickly calm your mind, elevate your emotions, and awaken your Soul!
  • Guided meditation to both ground and center yourself so you feel more stable and balanced while opening the heart space and accessing your Higher Chakras for amazing expansion and divine connection.
  • Learn a profound yet simple practice to easily release painful restrictive patterns to make more space for what you DO desire.
  • Be nurtured in a Growth-centric, HIGH VIBE community, and bathe in the expanded energies that only occur when we gather together intentionally.
  • Connect to mother nature through meditative walks in lovely sacred gardens.
  • Interactive Q&A discussion to deepen your understanding of your subtle energy bodies and the shifts taking place, as well as have Kumari and Suzanne illuminate patterns that they witnessed and worked with during the sessions.
  • Sound Healing attunements with alchemy crystal bowls … must be experienced
  • BONUS: Everyone receives powerful individual hands-on energy healing and entrainment from two Master Healers concurrently (a FIRST!!!)

Event Details

EmBODYment In-person Playshop with Kumari and Dr. Suzanne

Date: Saturday, March 9th, 2024 from 10am-4pm

**Now includes Light Healthy Lunch and Gentle Yoga*
Please bring your yoga mats

Location: Aruna, Sebastian FL

Tuition: $299

(Only 18 spots available max as there is individual hands-on healing with TWO master healers)

More Happy Participants…

From stuck to stillness; from worry to wholeness; from procrastination to a new proposal

I came into the retreat feeling fried – life and work have been way too intense this year. I couldn’t seem to do the simplest or even the super important things especially in my business. I was also in a bit of an identity crisis wondering does my work even matter anymore.

In the retreat I reached a level of stillness that blew me away. I’ve struggled to meditate yet there I went deep. Experiencing the healing energy of Kumari and Suzanne in that space was extraordinary. Worry and doubt were replaced by lightness, wonder and optimism.

Hard to believe I could find my way to wholeness in just a few hours. I slept so well that night. And I woke up early feeling compelled to write a proposal I had been sitting on for a month. I was inspired and felt connected to myself and my purpose. The gifts from the retreat continue to manifest in so many wonderful ways.

Thank you Kumari and Suzanne for the gifts of stillness, wholeness and light. You are magical together!

PS The proposal for new work was immediately accepted!!!!

Susan Mazza

Business Leadership Coach, FL

Immediate palpable shifts in energy and awareness; profound inner peace

From the moment I entered the sacred space they created, I could sense that this experience would be unlike any other. The palpable shifts in my awareness and energy were immediate, creating a sense of spaciousness and flow within me. I experienced a profound sense of inner peace.

The EmBODYment Playshop was deeply transformational, allowing me to integrate and embody a higher vibrational consciousness that felt both personal and connected to the collective awakening happening in the room and on our planet.

Kumari and Dr. Suzanne’s guidance was masterful, creating a container of safety and encouragement for each participant to delve deep into their own journey. Their expertise and genuine care were evident, fostering an atmosphere of trust and vulnerability. I felt supported every step of the way, allowing me to explore the recesses of my being with newfound courage.

In essence, the EmBODYment Playshop was a sacred dance between the ancient and the modern, the physical and the metaphysical. It was an odyssey of self-discovery that left me feeling more aligned, connected, and attuned to the whispers of my soul. I am immensely grateful for this experience and would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking a profound and transformative journey towards soul embodiment.

Mark Porteous

co-founder of the Soul Affiliate Alliance

About Your Facilitators



Reiki Master Kumari of Kumari HealingFounder of Divine Human Institute, a modern-day Mystery School, Kumari is an internationally acclaimed spiritual evolutionary, intuitive coach, Reiki Master, and best-selling author. Kumari was a civil rights attorney when her father died of cancer, inspiring her to master energy medicine to ease suffering and heal holistically.

Her transformational work includes critically acclaimed courses on energy healing, intuitive and spiritual development, and manifesting. She has facilitated thousands of people… and their beloved animals, to achieve profound transformations worldwide.

Kumari transmits a powerful loving energetic presence where healing shifts occur spontaneously and the light and wisdom of the Soul is unveiled. She teaches with a practicality and playfulness that is disarmingly potent, fully anchored in the knowing that everyone, yes even YOU, can awaken to your divine nature and intuitive, healing, and manifesting gifts.

Dr. Suzanne McBride


Founder of Connected Spine, originally a chiropractic office in NYC, Dr. Suzanne McBride D.C. has expanded to a quantum energy, neurology, and frequency technology center in Satellite Beach Florida.

Dr. Suzanne practices a gentle yet profound, non-invasive whole-body technique called Network Spinal, an approach to wellness that connects you to your innate ability to heal, so you can achieve greater self-awareness and conscious awakening of the relationships between the body, mind, emotions, and how you approach your daily life.

She is a gentle and effective chiropractor, but her work goes far beyond the physical body. Dr. Suzanne is a powerful hands-on healer, providing a bridge between healthcare and personal transformation. Her passion is to help you feel into your body so that you can become aware, acknowledge and accept what is going on with your health and your life, and ultimately be free from pain and liberated from past patterns.

As a former Division 1 diver and nationally competing gymnast, Dr. Suzanne understands the importance of feeling great in your body so you can be unstoppable and create the life of your dreams.

Network Spinal Analysis has gained notoriety and public support from Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Candice Pert and most recently was featured on actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP lab (episode 5) on NETFLIX.

Following her soul’s calling, Dr. Suzanne moved to sunny Florida near the ocean, her happy place. She enjoys playing tennis and long beach walks with her puppy Jack.

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