Claim Your Soul Power, Ignite your

Creative Passion, and Fulfill Your Divine Purpose with the


Divine Human Course


Starting October 20th, 2020

“We are being called to Co-Create a New Earth, where harmony and peace once again prevail; a New Reality where our Divinity fully inhabits our humanity.”

— Kumari and Council of Light  

If you could seriously amplify your spiritual power and divine gifts — 

how would YOUR life… your HEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS and BUSINESS transform?

This Divine Human path is about coming Home to Oneness through the Divine Feminine expression of enlightenment, exploring aspects of Self in Sacred Relationship to Ascended Masters and Archangelic realms, Gaia, sacred sites and ancient wisdom teachings, Animal and Elemental Kingdoms, other Lightworkers, and most importantly, magnificent you.

In the tradition of the ancient Mystery Schools, I am offering an ever-expanding version of this catalytic course to propel you into your spiritual mastery and to claim your divine birthright and inheritance. It is designed for pioneering spirits, men and women who are crossing the threshold to discover their own Full Potential and their illuminated, radiantly empowered Soul-full Self.

You are invited to an opportunity to enter a life-expanding process to help bring forth the evolving Divine Human within you… and birth into the world.

This is far more than a personal empowerment, energy healing or guided meditation program.  It is even way more than a transformational spiritual journey.

This path will Redesign your Physicality so you can house more of your Divinity.

What do I mean by this?

This is a true metamorphosis…a full on process of human transfiguration at your very core.  

I realized that mine was not merely a private experience, but part of a larger process of planetary awakening, of bringing the body and spirit into alignment with divine love unlike anything humanity had previously known. This, I sensed, was the moment in history we had awaited so long. I felt deeply privileged to be a participant in this difficult, but immensely significant process of human transfiguration.

This is about CLAIMING your Divinity and TRUE NATURE as a multi-dimensional spiritual being with unlimited power and potential, and then applying that awareness to assist the planet and all her inhabitants to evolve… no small task.

But I will guide you — as I was guided — to discover these aspects of your evolving Self.

You’ll learn energy alchemy skills to clear the old patterns and misperceptions, ancient wisdom teachings and cutting-edge initiations that will serve you in every aspect of your life — for the rest of your life.


This EXPERIENTIAL Course is a Deep-Dive Designed to…

​Unveil the brilliant impulse of creativity within you

Birth your multidimensional being through exploring your true energetic essence in relationship to the natural world, animal and plant kingdoms and beyond

Activate your Full Potential Self and divine gifts with the direct assistance and channelings of the Ascended Masters , Archangelic Realms and Beings of Light

Release the illusion of separation which is the cornerstone obstacle to joy and freedom, Self-Realization and Enlightenment

Heal and even regenerate your body through learning “Unplugging from Aging”

Awaken your “Original Blueprint of the Soul” for more energy, awareness and healing power

Merge more fully with the highest aspects of Divine LOVE and Christic LIGHT

Accomplish aspects of your Soul Purpose as a Light-Weaver and Planet-Shifter to assist in the evolutionary divine plan of humanity and Mother Earth


The Path of the Divine Human…

Is a divine feminine exploration of how more of your divinity can express through your humanity, through your uniqueness and special gifts as an integral part of the whole.
It is about coming home to Oneness through exploring aspects of Self in Sacred Relationship…


    • To Mother Earth and all her inhabitants
    • To each other and other Light-workers around the globe
    • To sacred sites and energy portals
    • To ancient wisdom teachings that are newly accessible in present time
    • To anchor in the higher dimensional realms so that the human, animal, elemental and mineral kingdoms can live in harmony
    • To assist in the co-creation of the New Earth, and
    • To unpack your gifts of intuition, clairvoyance, energy healing, spiritual journeying, interspecies (animal) communication and connection with all life

Granted, this is NOT for everyone. You will be catapulted into claiming aspects of your UNLIMITED SELF that is life-altering, at times even mind-blowing. If that intrigues you, then this cutting-edge journey could be perfect for you IF…

Your life purpose is pressing you forward to be more, love more, express more of your unique genius and life’s true calling…

You are on the threshold of a breakthrough, or even a breakout from your past, and need a loving hand to hold as you step into your full potential Self…

The impulse of Evolution, the creative force that motivates you toward more conscious connection, more harmony and balance, more accomplishment and freedom

You long to feel newer and LIGHTER whatever age you are…

You are seeking expanded vocations, new skills and techniques for greater happiness and fulfillment

You long to join your energy, your heart, your brilliance with other evolving humans on the growing edge of change…

You feel called to a SPECIAL PURPOSE to serve humanity and the planet but are not sure how to accomplish this…

Then you are HOME.


The Divine Human is YOU, unmasked by fear and doubt. A fully conscious awakened soul effortlessly operating through the world of form, in great gratitude and enormous enJOYment.

You delight at the seeming magic that unfolds all around as you embrace your power to create… through mastering your vibration… the sum total of your thoughts, feelings and energetic consciousness.

The Divine Human is YOU… once you remove the veil of illusion of separation that tells you that you are small and insignificant, unworthy and powerless.

The Divine Human knows what its’ like to play in the Garden of Eden… because she planted it!

The Divine Human is able to fully experience the love that we are, as fully embodied, emotionally engaged humans who are aware of our spiritual connection with the entirety of creation.

Your Divine Human Year Long Course includes:


Weekly LIVE Video Training

Each week we will have a LIVE video training, integration session or advanced healing video. You can re-listen or download the video replays for safe-keeping and all modules will be stored in our secure, Members Center.

Transcripts of Live Training Modules

You’ll also receive a downloadable transcript of all training modules to help refresh each new experience and deepen your understanding.

LIVE Integration Calls

Each month, we’ll meet via zoom video together so you can explore the inner realms and new energetic alignments that are revealed with time for Q&A, personal applications and Divine wisdom channeling to deepen and accelerate your journey with more grace and ease..

Weekly Distant Healing for Your Whole Family, Pets Included!

Each week of the course you also receive distant energy healing from a Master Healer for you and your entire household. These healing sessions will address mental, emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances, and even situational upsets as they arise. Just like having “Healing Insurance!”

Private Online Community

A safe and focused space that serves your desire for sharing personal experiences, best practices, and creative application of the new energy technologies. Receive support and guidance from Kumari, and connection with the Divine Human participants.

3 Intensive Virtual Half Days

Each Divine Human participant also receives 3 Intensive Half Days where we will further anchor and embody the exquisite energetics transmitted throughout the course.


If your inner co-creator is already whispering, “Yes!”

then come join us now for the newly expanded

Divine Human Course*

Samples of the Weekly Modules:

Kumari Notes: As I have been working for years mostly energetically on integrating these new energy attunements, with little reference points for any details, I asked the Council of Light to guide me in describing the profound initiatory frequencies I am sharing here, in quotations. In awe.

Unplugging from Aging: Reconnecting to Well-Being

“Everything that exists is at first a mental construct. The magnetic fields that operate on your planet Earth include a death and aging code.

What if you were able to consciously unplug from this electromagnetic field of aging so it had less and less impact on your being? We are here to tell you this is exactly what is possible, and some ancient sages knew how to implement this alchemical energetic realignment to extend longevity and experience more and more vitality and well-being. Expect many many side benefits to this massive realignment to your Highest Self, rooted once again in Cosmic Heart and Mind.”

Installing the 1st Sacred Key to the Portal of Perfected Light

Attunement to the Perfected or Christed Light – the highest frequency of Love and Light that is now accessible. Recalibration to more easily house your Divine Light and Holy Essence.

Experience energetic frequencies that have not been available for eons, and that continue to expand within you as well as exponential healing power and expanded awareness.

The Light of 1000 Suns Initiation

“If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splender of the Mighty One.” — Bhagavad Gita

“Ascended Master Yeshua is guiding and guarding this energy straight from Source–no step down. It is extreme Light if you will, with a purity not often known to humankind. Many are readying themselves for this attunement as much has taken place on earth. This mass awakening is undergoing a quickening and it is none too soon.

it is a rarified energy…it’s the ultimate experience of the Godhead. Full effulgence. Direct access. Pure unadulterated blessing from on high. The purpose is to rewire and reprogram so much of your sense of Separation from Source so that you can feel/ see/know the true light of oneness.
When enough people have this experience it will transfigure all matter back to the god-code. Like a gene that has a broken sequence, access to pure divine light essence will be fully restored once again. This is essential for the Garden of Eden or heaven on earth template. It will instigate a rapid transmutation of the old brain warrior gene needed for peace to reign. This is an expansion of Yeshua’s LoveMelt Method of Profound Healing.”

 Entering The Portal of the Ascension Spiral

The purpose of the lessons of the human experience within the consciousness of duality can be achieved through wisdom and knowing rather than direct experience. Discover that the loss of the desire for duality and the energetic amplification of the desire for a better reality experience will create the opportunity for the vibrational movement towards the ascension spiral. The ascension spiral appears within the individual reality through the vibrational ascent of our lower self towards our higher self. For entry into the portal of the ascension spiral the lower self will require the reunification within the higher energy body of its higher self.

 Atlantean Crystal Activations for Accelerated Manifesting

“This was a lost vibrational technology that has once again become available to rebuild ancient wisdom through inner earth templates. It involves the restructuring of matter through transmission of powerful pure intention.

Vibrational programming for the New Earth and Divine Human, when input here in the ancient etheric crystals, will magnify the vision, the intention, the hope for heaven on earth.”

Enter the Temple of Knowledge Akashic Records and 2nd Sacred Key

Learn how to activate the star tetrahedron in the heart to enter the ancient Temple of Knowledge, which we anchored in present time so it is eternally accessible. Metatron leads us in a surprise initiation of the 2nd Sacred Cosmic Key. This Crystalline Key activates star systems to return the Crystalline Grid Matrix template to the Earth.

Golden Buddha Initiation

“We like this one: Healing plus emptiness plus magical transmutation plus compassion. This is all about deepening compassionate detachment so you can be in the world fully but not of it. This is a special Wisdom-Keepers initiation to unlock divine knowledge both ancient and newly available.”

Accelerated Healing with the Original Divine Blueprint of the Soul

Align with your Original Divine Blueprint so you can access the pure template of who you are without all the distortions and contractions of past hurts and traumas. This is a dramatic Reconnection to your full Soul Potential so you can draw down more of the knowledge, wisdom and energy of your Soul whenever you need more healing power and energy.

Beyond Sacred Geometry: Activating the Christic Star Crystal in the Heart

There is a new structure, or containment field of light, that is available beyond all the sacred geometry shapes.

We will install this new many pointed star crystal structure within everyone’s heart space. It is called the “Christic star crystal” that holds the Higher Vibration of Love (aka Christed Consciousness) that is newly accessible. Yet we need to be able to receive it first for ourselves…meaning we have to allow more Self-Loving in. There is nowhere to run and hide any longer; no more spiritual practices, no more service work, no more busyness in taking care of others that will suffice to advance us spiritually if we can’t take this Love in for ourselves. This christic star crystal will assist your embodiment of greater compassion, kindness, love and awareness with much more ease and grace. It is time.

Yeshua’s LoveMelt Method™ for Profound Healing

Yeshua-Kumari will teach for the first time ever a brand new Healing technique. The simplicity of this healing technology belies the potency and ease of gaining such rapid results. It is a transmission of high octane love more than a step by step teaching, and you will be able to play in this new playground of melting away lifetimes of accumulated, both individual and collective suffering and disharmony.

Council of Light Vortex Attunement

“Enter the vortex — the spiral of evolution on steroids. On this guided accelerated ascension path, this very recently available vibrational attunement assists new spiritual gifts to be more easily attainable. You will restore much grace to the Grids of Light here. Plus this will help restore much cellular memory, wisdom, and energy of the great beings that you are.”

Activating the Garden of Eden Template

“The crème de la crème — this is Kumari’s specific divine purpose. You’re gonna love this! We know you can’t fully conceive of it yet but try. As you are well aware, your co-creative or quantum power is fueled by your imagination.

Imagine earth in balance once again. Imagine humanity living in harmony. Ecosystems that are healthy once more. These will need to be the primary goals of the many, not just the few.

Mother earth has massive restorative properties. Look how fast pollution eased with Covid. This installs the energetic blueprint from which many lightworkers, visionaries, conscious leaders, innovators and humanitarians will draw their strength, energy, and enlightened visions of the possibility of a “heaven on earth” existence. This template activation paves the way so to speak. Fuels the cells, and anchors the mind and heart in Highest Potential.”

Join Kumari for the year long

Divine Human program

starting October 20th, 2020



Limited Time Special: SAVE $1,000!!


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Divine Human is one of the awesome Bonuses when you register for the Energy Alchemy Mastery program. This is a deep dive apprenticeship training for anyone who wants to master their ability to transform their lives on every level.  It is a small group and the only way to work with Kumari privately as well. Find out more here.

Your satisfaction is Guaranteed…

We are so certain you will love this course that after the first 3 weeks, if you are not fully satisfied, please contact support for a full refund. Kumari is happy to chat with you about your expectations and concerns as sometimes the work takes a bit more time to deepen and feel your desired results.  

Still WONDERING if This Program is for YOU?


Are you worrying you are not ready for such a huge leap in Consciousness, or that this feels too good to be true and these amazing transformations won’t happen for you?

Some participants felt the same way, and nearly didn’t register thinking that they were “too new” or inexperienced. Check out what happened in the very first session!


What Participants are Saying…

This profound course is changing my life in myriad ways and could be waaaaay higher priced. I have taken several great year-long courses that were from $10-20,000 and Divine Human is easily worth that.

“These past 6 months have been transformative and powerful. My past three client healing sessions have blown me away! The direction of my guides or as I call them my “peeps”, those beings of light that stand by me and empower me to do the work has been nothing short of miraculous! I am becoming who I truly am, what my soul’s purpose and agreement is for this life existence. Kumari, you are the one leading me into this wonderful place, introducing me to incredible beings and energies!”

Janet Olson

CHPT, Program Coordinator/Research Project Manager, Univ. of Arizona Energy Therapy Study for Disabled Veterans

Wow, I am in awe!

I have just finished listening to the first call for the Divine Human course and all I can say is “WOW”. I feel so privileged to be a part of this program. With grateful thanks to you for doing your part and to “The One” for including all of us. I am in awe too. Excited to see how it all unfolds.


South Africa

Serious shifts in understanding; increased connectedness…Drunk with Love!!

How wonderful the Divine Human course is! I really feel like I am a different person for participating in this profound work, with serious shifts in understanding and perception. Noticing lots of lovely little miracles in behavior of people around me. When I do dip into irritation, impatience, anger or negativity, I “see” it and shift back to center faster, so I’m riding a higher baseline frequency overall.

I love the increased connectedness and sensitivity I feel to everything– earth, animals and spirit. Things just seem more intensely beautiful and flowing. I have moments when I am drunk with love for this beautiful blue jewel and all her inhabitants. I am starting to open into the mind-blowing understanding of being formed of the feminine Earth matter Mother God, flowing, filled with the spirit, the will, the direction, of Father God.

Wendy Harmic

Director, Audio-Visual Dept., George Washington University

Serious Spiritual Pioneer … at the Leading Edge

Kumari your work is without a doubt at the leading edge! You are a serious spiritual pioneer for those who want to be a container for integrating all the new energetics you are calling forth.

Sandie Sedgbeer

Radio Host on "What's Going OM"

Major Soul Energy Restored

As I stepped into the star tetrahedron I immediately shot straight upwards through my chakras and column of light and landed in the Temple of Knowledge. Knowledge seemed to be stored in crystals which you could just intend to read and instantly download. It was the 1st Key that linked me to in to these “records” and gave me access. At the 2nd Key activation, Gaia herself simply embraced me and kissed me softly on the mouth – moving and beautiful. I felt an onrush and upsurge of incredibly powerful energy. When I came out of the meditation, my cheeks were wet with tears that I wasn’t aware of shedding. I just know some major soul energy has been restored to me through this.

Semele Xerri

Intuitive Healer, Wales

So Happy; Pain vanished; Creating new Songs; Feels like WHY I WAS BORN

This Divine Human work feels like the most important I have ever done; like THIS IS WHY I WAS BORN! It makes me so happy and feels like I am coming Home. I was so inspired I started creating new songs! One morning, I was so sick I couldn’t get out of bed. I applied the 1st Sacred Key as instructed and within minutes every ache and pain vanished!

Sarah Primus

Co-Owner of Synergy Institute

Deep Inner Peace – Money Can’t Buy this Bliss!!!

Words cannot express my gratitude & appreciation for the gift of Divine Human. I have never in my life experienced anything as wonderful. I definitely transformed into a “Divine Human”. I feel a deep sense of inner peace with myself and everything around me. Money cannot buy this kind of bliss, joy & happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kumari, you are a gift from God.

Tina Krever

Reiki Practitioner & Yoga Teacher, Florida

What a wonderful experience of the initiation of The One. I am feeling very soft, my jaws are more relaxed, and yes, the calming effect is what I am currently feeling. I faintly felt the presence of some of the Beings from The One. And the buzzing feeling I’ve grown familiar with seems to be slowly shifting to a sort of glowing, soft feeling. I feel grateful, relaxed and supported…it feels a little bit like coming home. I sensed an energetic Feng Shui for the house. I’ve been almost desperate for the house energies to be cleared and raised up, & my own work wasn’t doing it. I’m so grateful on so many levels!!! Thank you, Kumari, so very much!



Awesome meditation!!!!!!!!!!! I felt it explode when we connected with all the Light-workers –like light ripping open and expanding exponentially into brand new territory. My head was expanding, then I saw as if through the Universal “eye”– like seeing from the Hubble telescope, and major downloads of knowledge and ancient wisdom were formulating; it may take more walk-throughs to pick up the great magnitude of what we are achieving. In deep gratitude!

Dona Strong

Energy Healer

Definite shifts in calmness and outlook; knee pain miracle; and my first BOOK!!!

I am so enjoying Divine Human! I can definitely feel shifts happening for me in my engagement with the world, my calmness and outlook. My little miracle: I went to the gym early to work out (a new habit). While on the treadmill my knee started throbbing (an old injury) and I asked “the One” to take the pain away. I felt energy flow down my body on the treadmill and literally pulled the pain away. I finished the last 30 minutes of cardio pain free and was able to push myself with inclines. Amazing! 

PS I published my first book drawing on the concepts presented here of cosmic energies, ascended masters, higher vibrations and the transformation our planet is undergoing. Divine Human has helped me understand our potential when we choose joy and choose to live, think and love in a higher dimension. Words cannot express my gratitude for what I have learned and experienced. Thank you Kumari!!!

Shannon Gill


Your Divine Human Guide, Kumari

Kumari is a spiritual evolutionary catalyst and divine channel to assist in awakening your soul power and sacred connectedness, so you can feel whole and thrive in alignment with your divine purpose.

For over 3 decades, she is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher and master healer, best-selling author and host of her own Radio and TV show.



Join Kumari for the year long

Divine Human program

starting October 20th, 2020



Limited Time Special: SAVE $1,000!!


When does Divine Human start?

Divine Human starts on October 20th, 2020 and runs for one year. 

How do the live calls take place?

We use Zoom for all our live calls, and replays are made available for those who cannot attend live or want to revisit.

Do I have access to all the material?

Yes! All the material – schedule, dates, replays and any handouts, are all in a members area for you!

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