Are you (or your loved ones) struggling and want a breakthrough in any of these areas?


>> Do you have too much month at the end of your money?

>> Do you have overwhelming debt that never seems to dwindle?

>> Are you experiencing poor health, or a lack of energy or enthusiasm for life?

>> Are you feeling stuck and confused and in need of clarity and solutions?


Then please consider joining us for this uniquely powerful 33-Day Abundance Challenge that starts the moment you register.


The 33-Day Abundance Challenge You Won’t Want to Miss


We combine the ancient wisdom practice of chant and mantra, modern prosperity mindset and vibrational healing techniques, and the power of community and group energy to create positive change.

33 days is ideal for committing yourself to a daily challenge, because it’s a long enough period of time for you to develop good habits and see progress, but short enough that it’s not completely overwhelming or never-ending. 33 is also a master number representing the highest levels of enlightenment and raising consciousness of as many people as possible.



About the Chant


Svadhyaya is the recitation and chanting of sacred texts. Chanting an ancient text opens you to the subtle vibration of the mantras within it and to the scripture’s meaning. Your True Self can be experienced through the practice of svadhyaya.

The Mahalakshmi Stotram is a traditional hymn to Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance, beauty, health and wisdom. Singing this beautiful hymn, we align our hearts and minds, and invite the divine principles of Abundance and Prosperity into our lives.


The Benefits and Blessings


It is said in ancient texts that this chant brings the following BENEFITS:

√ Brings love, luck and happiness to your life
√ Bestows fortune, wealth, fame and prosperity
√ Relieves you from dreadful chronic diseases
√ Opens the locked doors of your destiny
√ Eliminates the effects of black magic and other negative powers
√ Safeguards you from enemies and adversaries
√ Stimulates growth and promotion in business or profession
√ Ensures the overall success and development of you and your family
√ Curbs your financial problems

While I can’t promise all of these will happen for you, I will report that I have experienced some pretty amazing “miracles” when I have chanted this lovely hymn to Mother Lakshmi regularly. And, it always made me feel SO HAPPY.

One of the most amazing miracles happened on Day 11… an ancient powerful feminine voice began to sing through me! It was strange yet familiar… when I asked who this was, I received this answer: “I am Divine Mother… I came to sing their pain away through you.” Everyone wept with joy and unexpressed tears. It was so powerfully healing. Divine Mother continues to sing through me since that day, yet now it is just pure joy!

So, I was guided to share this now and give you a jump-start on a new spiritual practice that just may really help you overcome some obstacles you are facing.

Also, I know the power of a group to bring about a positive change is exponential and so it is my larger intention to send these ABUNDANCE vibes into the airwaves to uplift humanity, through all of you.

What is Included in the 33-Day ABUNDANCE CHALLENGE?

Daily Recordings of the Abundance Chant


The chant is an exquisite melody and one of my favorite practices, full of joy and prosperity power. It is said if you repeat this chant 3 times, you receive all blessings, wealth, health and enlightenment.

(Total time: ~15 minutes)

Daily Inspiration and Prosperity Affirmations


You’ll receive powerful teachings you can consciously shift your mindset of scarcity, lack and limit to one of havingness, completeness, enoughness.

Private Online Group


Private online group to share your Intentions and Successes, and give and receive encouragement and support.

 Energy Alchemy techniques to raise your vibration


You will learn my favorite energy alchemy practices to use daily that will not only clear your energy field and release limiting thoughts and painful emotions, but they will raise your energetic frequency where the higher states of joy, fulfillment, abundance and harmony reside

Daily Crystal Grid and Alchemy Bowl Activations


I will add each of you and your intentions into a powerful crystal matrix, and activate them daily with the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, merging pure quartz crystal with elements of pure gold, silver, platinum, ruby, diamond.

An added BONUS = I have several bowls that are tuned to the high frequency resonance of 528hz – the vibration of Love and Miracles.

About Your Chant Guide ~ Kumari


Kumari is a catalyst for spiritual evolution.

An internationally recognized visionary, intuitive coach, master healer, best-selling author and animal mystic, Kumari’s greatest joy is empowering healers, coaches, teachers and conscious entrepreneurs to unwrap their intuitive, healing and manifesting gifts so they can experience their divine nature and the Bliss of Oneness.

Ready to Register for the Challenge?


The self study challenge starts the moment you register and will continue for 33 days. 

You can register now right here and we will send you:

    • the details and audio link to get started chanting
    • the handout with the chant text and meaning
    • the invite to the private online group to share your intentions and successes (on-going)
    • 33 daily emails with inspiration and Abundance Affirmations


Register Now!

I am holding Sacred Space for YOUR Financial Freedom. It is with deep humility and gratitude that I accept your donations of any amount. Every donation we receive from you is placed on the Crystal Grid and energized with the Crystal Bowl Alchemy of 528hz – the Vibration of Love and Miracles. I ask that your Abundance be expanded a thousand fold on its return to you.

Abundance Chanter Successes

From Depressed to Feeling Whole and Growing Spirituality

“Never in a million years did I think that I would be doing this. I’m so thankful that you have opened up this opportunity for myself and for so many. I had been depressed in every area of my life and have been praying for a way to connect with my inner self and had no idea where to start.

It is not just about the abundance — although that is the icing on the cake — but I am beginning to feel whole and I am growing spiritually. I wake up excited and I look forward to this every day. You are a beautiful soul and where I felt and thought there was no way, you brought a way. So grateful!”


In AWE! Sold TWO Houses, Plus Surprise Offer on Business!!

“Celebrations! #1 — 10 days into the challenge, we received a CASH buyer for our house we had for sale for 1 1/2 years. Today – now 22 days into the challenge – we have closed on the house – for a profit.

#2 — 5 days after we accepted the offer on that house, a rental tenant contacted us and expressed their desire to buy the house. We closed on that house as well today.

#3 — 14 days into the challenge, an unsolicited buyer walked into our car wash business in another state and expressed their desire to buy the business. Selling this business was not in my original intention – however my husband and I have been discussing wanting to sell it.

It is truly amazing and awesome the fruits of chanting to Lakshmi. I am truly grateful and in awe. Every day is so beautiful. I feel such a deeper love within myself and in others.


Business Has Grown Exponentially!!!

“Hey Kumari, just wanted to let you know since chanting, my business has grown exponentially! Thank you for the chant and all of your pearls of wisdom!”

Jayne Kerr

Day 1, Got Job Offer For More Money!

“Day 1: While the chanting was occurring at 9am PST, I was in an interview with a company I really want to work for. I just got off the phone with their recruiter. I accepted the position and the pay is higher than what I expected them to be able to offer. Thank you!!!”


Ready to Claim YOUR Abundance?


What if i never chanted, or have trouble with pronunciation of Sanskrit words?

Totally okay; we all have to start a new habit somewhere. Just follow along the best you can. That is why i am singing with you live, for ease of learning a new spiritual practice. If your intention is pure, you will develop the rest over time. You may even decide to keep going with the practice after the 30 days is up.

How does this work?

You’ll receive a link to chant with me via live audio recordings every day, for 33 days.

What if I am not religious, or Hindu, and not sure I believe in goddesses?

Great question, and I will answer from my heart. Whether or not you believe in an actual Goddess of Abundance, I believe there is a Universal principle of Abundance and Divine Flow. I have personally reaped great benefits from chanting, including mental focus, intuitive clarity, and great peace and joy. I believe that if we are more often in those spaces, we are in the frequency of prosperity and become energy magnets for all that is good.

I love exploring and sharing the depths of ancient wisdom practices that have really supported people in every spiritual tradition. Repetition of sacred syllables (mantras), sung with an open heart and a pure intent, have helped so many over thousands of years to align you powerfully to that which you focus upon. I don’t personally believe that it comes from someone outside of us as a gift for being “spiritual” or even saying the right things, rather I feel we align our hearts and minds within to loving and gracious blessing thoughts, for ourselves and others as we sing aloud, and that Abundance is a universal wavelength we tune into, a natural law if you will, that we eventually, become.


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