Treat yourself…

discover powerful energy alchemy techniques for more harmony, peace and yes even Bliss states of consciousness…quickly and easily.


Ultimately, Everything We Desire Comes Down to Our Pursuit of Bliss!

We pursue money or relationships because we think they’ll make us happy. We pursue our careers, hobbies, and our life’s passions because they provide meaning and purpose. We explore religion, science, and philosophy because we want to know the truth of our existence.

Bliss is the universal space where these intersect, where all questions are answered, where every fulfillment is attained. Bliss is not a feeling, but a state of BEING, composed of joy, unconditional love, inner peace, power, connectedness, awe, and wisdom.

Bliss is your birthright…so let me ask you…



What BLOCKS Your Bliss?


Where to begin…basically we have lost our connection to our divinity, our true nature and essential self. We have so many experiences that reinforce a false identification with our ego self only, which was truly designed only to keep our physical body safe, but not to totally steer the ship as it does in most modern cultures.

So it is really a process of unveiling and reconnecting.

When you know who you truly are and when you let go of who you are NOT (not just this body, not my thoughts, not my doubt and fear etc), bliss is what remains. While at first it maybe fleeting, your experience of this bliss can become your constant state of awareness.



What This BLISS Retreat is NOT…


We will NOT be diving into your problems, issues, past lives, mucking around in your old wounds, mental chatter, lifelong patterns that keep you stuck, in pain, and feelings of unworthiness, doubt, worry and fear. We will NOT focus on clearing all the garbage, stuff, negative thoughts, and emotions …digging them up to examine them more closely, feel them again, inspect and analyze and even trying to HEAL them.

We have done that for eons it seems…what we need now more than ever, is to consciously, consistently and skillfully REALIGN to the pulsing radiance at your core, at Creations’ core. To tap into the essence of all life, the innate joy bubbling through all creation, the beauty of all that is manifest.

Therefore, we are turning our complete focus only on practices, techniques and resonances that reflect ANANDA, the bliss of the Self…the love that you are.

We will not ignore the negative voices that want to limit us, yet we will give them no time to land, as we continually align, initiate, and activate that cellular Soul memory of the magnificent, multidimensional being that is operating through you, as you.

The amazing and miraculous result is increasing contentment, unity, transcendence, completeness, knowingness, and uplifted consciousness; it is a feeling of oneness and connection with all of creation. It is the truth of Truths.

What You Receive


In this 2-day IN PERSON retreat, you will be immersed in many paths to bliss, including energy alchemy techniques that will dramatically and joyfully raise your energetic vibration so you can more consistently reside in ever-increasing joy, abundance and deep peace. PLUS these amazing unique energetic attunements:

Sacred Geometry Activation Creating your Light Body


You will learn how to construct and activate a Sacred Geometric form to create a powerful antennae to your Higher Self, and begin to recreate your Light Body and energy field so you can more consistently hold higher consciousness states like spiritual bliss; easily release old limiting pattern and emotional baggage that kept you feeling sad and stuck, and not be impacted by others negativities.

Perhaps one of the most potent alchemical tools to have in your Bliss toolkit, this special Sacred Geometry  activation will create an antennae to the divine and reconstruct your original blueprint of the Light Body, so you can hold a higher vibe more easily.  When activated, you will instantly and easily release (without re-experiencing) the noise of the lower dimensional states of fear, sadness and not good enough in all its forms. If you are a Sensitive like me, this technique is a GODSEND that helps you stop being so impacted by the chaos and negativity of others around you

Sound Healing Attunements of 5th dimensional crystal alchemy bowls 


Hearing the enchanting song of the crystal bowls seems to awaken an ancient remembrance of the soul. The unique alchemies of gold, platinum, ruby, amethyst and many precious gems, metals and minerals infused into pure quartz bring your entire being quickly into a higher resonance, and easily shift any areas that are out of alignment with well-being and harmony.

Oncologist Mitchell Gaynor, MD in his book “The Healing Power of Sound: Recovery from Life-Threatening Illness Using Sound, Voice, and Music” states that “Sound can redress imbalances on every level of physiologic functioning and can play a positive role in the treatment of virtually any medical disorder… the overtones the quartz crystal bowls produce have resonant and healing properties unlike anything we have encountered.” What he said!

Dolphin Spirit Initiation into Euphoria


Dolphins have highly evolved consciousness that can assist us in deep healing, and a unique ability to transport us into ecstatic states. Their role is to teach us how to live more cooperatively and with greater joy and a child-like playfulness.

For nearly three decades of communicating with animals and their Higher Selves, Kumari has been honored to work directly with the Dolphin Elders to assist you in tapping into this wonderful playful and joyous vibration.

 Energy Alchemy techniques to raise your vibration


You will learn my favorite energy alchemy practices to use daily that will not only clear your energy field and release limiting thoughts and painful emotions, but they will raise your energetic frequency where the higher states of joy, fulfillment, abundance and harmony reside

“Full Anointing™” with Ascended Master Yeshua and the Magdalenes 


Kumari will initiate each participant with the extra-ordinary spiritual blessing of the Full Anointing, given to her directly from Yeshua. This is a powerful life-altering transmission where you can directly download a greater bandwidth of Higher Love, permanently imprinting you with the resonances of immense well-being, deep peace, overflowing gratitude, and an unmatched sense of connectedness.

The effects of the Anointing is cumulative, and participants report that while even from one transmission they feel an incredible connectedness to their own divine Beloveds, re-experiencing it continues to deeply ingrain this Higher Love resonance that continues to provide massive healing, transformation and a direct experience of their own divine nature.

About Your Bliss Guide ~ Kumari


Kumari is a catalyst for spiritual evolution.

An internationally recognized visionary, intuitive coach, master healer, best-selling author and animal mystic, Kumari’s greatest joy is empowering healers, coaches, teachers and conscious entrepreneurs to unwrap their intuitive, healing and manifesting gifts so they can experience their divine nature and the Bliss of Oneness.


Dates & Times:

April 13th & 14th, 2024

10am-5pm eastern time, both days

Pricing for 2024:

Join us for both days for only $497!

Healthy Lunch included both days

Limited to 22 people.


Our sacred gardens at Aruna, Sebastian, FL  (address sent with registration)

*Please email support for info on places to stay.

This Could Happen For You…

Complete BLISS for days…exquisite!

“Kumari, your energy is out of this world; mind-blowing; words don’t do it justice!! In a matter of moments I felt a churning of energy and then physical sensation in my legs, numbness, and then incredible warmth in my body. Then tremendous energy filled the room. I was in BLISS for days on end.  A Nationally recognized composer hadn’t heard me sing in a year and noticed “Something majorly shifted; there is a huge depth and YUMMINESS going in your voice I never heard before; it is absolutely magnificent.” When you said you were clearing the lower chakras so I would have even more depth and range, you weren’t kidding! During the Anointing I instantly fell into a state of complete BLISS that lasted for a few days. It was exquisite.”

Orgena Rose

Producer and Performer on Broadway, OPRAH, Carnegie Hall, Florida


“Kumari I apologize that I was wearing sunglasses during the retreat. But every time I looked up at you on stage, there was a brilliant blinding white light that literally was hard to keep my eyes open! I was in the hospital before coming here, and I know I am getting healing. THANK YOU!!”

Janine Padmani Rennick


Felt Deep Inner Peace, Happiness and Sheer Bliss…

“The retreat was simply divine. Kumari & Kumara are wonderful loving spiritual teachers.  I felt safe and deep inner peace the entire weekend, a place where I could be my true self without any judgments. The most amazing experience was being anointed by Yeshua and receiving a channeled message from the Archangels that touched me personally. Kumari also shared several energy alchemy tools which have helped me to remain in the 5th Dimension even though I am surrounded by 3D beings.

I would recommend this retreat to anyone who is looking to deepen their spiritual connection, looking for happiness, inner peace and sheer bliss. Kumari is a blessing from God.”

Tina Krever


Felt All-encompassing Love and Freedom to be Me!

“As Kumara sat down to explain the Anointing, I noticed a golden glow emanating all around him. I normally do not see auras…and you also had the same golden light around you when you came onto the stage.

My heart sang and I thought you looked angelic and thought not angelic….HOLY!!!! with a feeling that the golden light was the Christos Energy. In your eyes I could see and feel an all-encompassing love emanating from you and gently holding me. As you began to anoint my forehead, I felt my body shake uncontrollably thinking that everything that was not my truth was being shaken out of me. A slight fear presented itself but was quickly dissolved as I felt a loving presence assuring me I was safe.

While I was walking, I kept bringing up life experiences, viewing them, releasing them. I felt as if Yeshua was reaffirming his presence within me…and then heard a joyful “happy birthday to you” as I felt love for me, somehow knowing I had received a great gift of the freedom to be me.”



Ready to Join Us?


This is the first time in four years I have offered this amazing heart-opening, mind expanding, consciousness raising retreat designed with one goal in mind: YOUR BLISS. I so hope to see you there and if you have any questions, please e-mail us at


Is this a beginner or more advanced level retreat?

Even if you have trouble meditating, this retreat is perfect for beginner to advanced levels as the energy alchemy techniques are easy to learn, but take some practice to master. The initiations continue to expand and evolve with you.  We find that participants who attend more than once gain new perspectives as there are always new energetics and teachings. Practicing together, you seriously expand your access to the Bliss states, as you raise your vibration and your abilities to live more consistently in deepest harmony, peace and bliss is infinite.

Where can I stay if from out of town? What are the nearby airports?

Sebastian, FL is a lovely little town on the east central Treasure Coast just minutes from the Indian River and endless beaches.  You may want to enjoy the sunshine and extend your trip.  There are many hotels and airbnbs nearby.  Closest airport is Vero  Beach Regional Airport (20 minutes) Melbourne International (40 minutes), Orlando and West Palm Beach (90 min). Email us at for more info on places to stay.


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