Easily deepen your awareness, open your heart connection, and finally understand your beloved animal’s needs and behaviors.

Can you relate?

    • Do you feel like your animals are trying to tell you something important but you don’t have a clue what?
    • Are you experiencing unexplained behavior or health problems?
    • Wanting better relationships and more HARMONY among your animal family members?
    • Have you already tried animal communication yet still feel you are not “getting” it?

Wouldn’t you really LOVE to better understand what they are thinking and feeling?


As we learn to open our extended or “spidey senses” we can develop skills that will enable us to communicate on a telepathic level with all species, including animals.

What is Animal Communication?

Animal Communication, or interspecies telepathic communication, is the ability to sense or intuit information about another being via thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations, direct knowing, and visual images. Animals communicate in pictures, words and feelings. When the mind becomes quiet, we can connect on subtler levels and begin to tune into other beings, including both wild and domestic animals. Because telepathy is not relying on 5 physical senses, it is equally effective over distance.

Kumari can help you take your relationship with animals to a whole new level by learning to bridge that communication gap. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about your pets and how to help reassure and calm them, how to open your intuitive channels, and deepen your experience of animals’ perspectives and unique gifts.

This new LIVE, online course will help you strengthen your intuitive abilities, not just with animals but in every aspect of your life. As you learn how to expand your own “senses” you can apply this increased intuitive clarity to EVERY situation, making your life and your decisions so much easier! Learn to tap into the vastness of universal wisdom and knowledge which brings you and your beloved animals greater peace and enjoyment.


Common Benefits of Animal Communication:


♥ Improved health and comfort

♥ Better relationships among your animals

♥ Increase positive behaviors and lessen annoying and dangerous behaviors

♥ Peace of mind about animal transitions

♥ Enhanced spiritual connection and awareness… and so much more!




What every Animal Lover, Trainer, Breeder & Veterinarian SHOULD know about accessing deeper levels of animal awareness…

While we will cover the core principles that are essential to understanding all about animal communication, the primary focus will be on sharing tools and techniques that will empower you to release the blocks and obstacles to telepathic communication, and to open and DEEPEN your intuitive channels.

This is where most people get stuck and need more support. And it is why reading a book or attending a lecture about animal communication, or even a workshop where someone is demonstrating doing it, is NOT the same as having a Master Teacher guide you on the journey inward and show you how to awaken your intuitive abilities.

Kumari is renowned for her ability not to just “read” the animals, but has dedicated her life to transmitting the energetic “space” to others, and to map out the route so you can get back there more easily on your own.


Imagine how your life would improve if you could:


Deepen your relationships with animals and find out who they really are, what they think and feel, and how you can share your concerns and desires with them

♥ Understand why your animals are behaving the way they are

♥ Journey beyond accepted notions of limited physical senses and experience the wide range of expanded senses that create amazing spiritual and personal connectedness and higher consciousness states

Open your energetic heart and feeling center and taste the deep communion and delight that is possible with the animal kingdom

Heal past hurts and misunderstandings that have shut you down emotionally and impact all of your relationships

Increase your intuitive abilities so you can feel confident and courageous in all your relationships (yes, it works with two-leggeds also), and in all other aspects including your business, financial and spiritual well-being too!

Perfect for Beginners to more Advanced…

Kumari has taught Olympic riders and trainers, veterinarians, breeders, animal rescue, zoos and some participants have become professional Animal Communicators!

So whether you are just beginning your journey to connecting telepathically to animals, or you are a more advanced student looking to refine and practice your skills, deepen your awareness, and receive more powerful techniques, and expert guidance, support and validation, this foundational course is your answer!

Prepare for mighty energetic states and gateways opening, monumental spiritual transformations, phenomenal awareness, and lots of fun!

Here is what you’ll receive!

3 Common Blocks to Animal Communication… & How You Can Dramatically Improve Your Results (AUDIO + POWERPOINT)

In this audio training you will discover:

♥ How you may be (secretly) sabotaging clearer communications with your animals

♥ How to recognize exactly what telepathic animal communication really is so you can catch it when it IS happening

♥ Learn a simple trick to get around those pesky mental blocks that keep you confused and uncertain

♥ Understand how animal communication differs from other intuitive work and how you can create the necessary changes

Recommended: Helpful to review this audio PLUS powerpoint before our first class.

SESSION 1: “Getting Into the Zone”

This first class is way more than just an introduction to the essentials of animal communication. You will learn how to “get into the zone” where animal communication happens, which is the most challenging part.

You will also learn:

♦ How to identify if you have already been communicating with the animal kingdom

♦ How to discern the different kinds of messages you may receive

♦ Understand the common blocks that inhibit true telepathic heart communion and learn ways to release them

♦ Techniques to establish a centered balanced energy that feels very safe and comforting to animals which helps them open up

♦ How to clear the mental clutter so you can quiet the mind and focus so you can deepen your ability to “listen” on their wavelength

Recommended: Please read the Animal Communication Magic & Miracles book (included in course) to prepare for this class.

BONUS: Powerpoint Guide for techniques to get you in the “zone.”

SESSION 2: “Opening the Heart Connection”

We will practice techniques to open your energetic feeling center, the heart space, and to clear out any emotional clutter that obscures your ability to truly feel your animal, which is one of the main ways they communicate. You will understand how to relay messages with greater clarity and detail between your heart center and your beloved animal companion’s heart center.

You will discover ways to:

♦ Enjoy exercises and meditations that open your heart, increase your awareness and understanding of animals and your receptivity to telepathic connection.

♦ Deepen your communion with all of life.

♦ Practice sending and receiving feelings and images with a human partner

Recommended: Please listen to the Bonus Connecting with All Life MP3 (included) before this class.

SESSION 3: “Becoming One with an Animal”

​Practicing simple breathing techniques you will be guided how to merge energetically with your animal companions. Creating this energetic connection will prepare you for a powerful, guided meditation in becoming ONE with an animal, which is the first technique Kumari uses with each and every animal.

You will also practice:

♦ How to see through an animal’s eyes and feel through their bodies to better understand their perspectives

♦ Tips on ways to set up the communication session for optimal results

♦ Practice listening telepathically with a person and then with an animal

BONUS HANDOUTS: How to Set Up Human Partner Exercises of Sending and Receiving to both a Human and Animal partner.

SESSION 4: “Can We Talk?”​ (Mini Readings)

​In the final you will learn how to recognize your unique “telepathic strong suits.” We will put all our lessons into practice. This is an opportunity to hear direct feedback to student questions, which will increase your awareness of the communications that are already opening for fellow students.

Kumari and Senior Associate Semle will do some live mini-readings for your own animal companions to give you an opportunity to experience their Soul level animal communication skills, practice tuning in yourself, and have your questions answered.  

Receive These Super Bonuses When You Register

BONUS 1: Connecting with All Life Meditation MP3

Connecting with All Life audio mp3 will assist you to reach deep states of mental stillness, profound relaxation, and heart-centered communion immediately. This professionally recorded meditation audio with crystal bowl sound healing gets you quickly into the “ZONE” for telepathic communication.

BONUS 2: Animal Communication Magic & Miracles Ebook

13 Keys to Deepen Your Bond with Your Pets, Improve Health & Change Behavior Immediately – PDF Download.

A compilation of my most powerful teachings on animal communication that will empower you to create ever deepening connections with the animal brethren who grace your lives. The Keys were taught to me by the animals themselves and the resulting and often shockingly rapid transformations that some may consider “miraculous” actually occur with great regularity, in every species, domestic and wild.

It’s time to remember your innate ability to communicate with all life…and it is LIVE!


Your beloved animals and I sincerely hope you join the hundreds of people and animals who benefited from these Animal Communication techniques over the three decades of teaching. Kumari hasn’t taught this course LIVE for over 7 years. It is time to unlock the magic and mystery of interspecies communication that has blessed so many lives!

 Your Course includes:

Four Live 90-minute video sessions with Kumari

3 Common Blocks to Animal Communication Audio and Powerpoint

Partner Exercises to practice with Humans and animals

Connecting with All Life meditation mp3 download

Animal Communication Magic and Miracles ebook

Final 2 Hour Session with Kumari and Senior Associate Semele who will both be doing personal readings of YOUR animals (as many as time allows)

Your Course Dates:

    • Thursday September 9th 8-9:30pm EST
    • Thursday September 16th 8-9:30pm EST
    • Thursday September 23rd 9-9:30pm EST
    • Saturday October 2nd 10am-12pm EST for live readings

2 convenient payment options for you to choose from:

Amazing Client Tales…

Truly remarkable to better understand my horses feelings

I have had truly remarkable results using Animal Communication for decades with my horses to better understand their perspectives and how they are feeling. Kumari has been an important member of my Team for 12 years on many levels, including lameness, health, emotional and performance problem. Through teaching me Reiki energy healing, manifesting principles and intuitive coaching, she has supported all aspects of my life and business. Perhaps most importantly, she has empowered me to develop and trust my own gut feelings with my horses, students and equine business decisions. 

For example, a new jumper I purchased from Germany suddenly exploded and wouldn’t leave the barn. I actually felt a deep sadness, and thought he seems homesick. Kumari confirmed that was true — he thought he was at a show for two weeks and it was time to go home! Once we communicated the new opportunity he had with me to compete at the highest Grand Prix level he agreed to work with me and calmed down!

CLICK HERE to discover more in this interview!

Anne Kursinski

5-time Olympian equine jumper, trainer, author

Not only a better veterinarian, but a better human!

My first memory of hearing animals talk to me through Kumari was many years ago when I was treating a sick yearling.  She would usually nicker as I approached, yet this day as I went to give her Reiki she nipped at me. Confused, I called Kumari. “Sometimes they want to go; she doesn’t want to fight anymore. She has a large red mass in her left abdomen.”  After all efforts were exhausted she was euthanized; sure enough she had a large red mass exactly where Kumari said!  There was nothing more we could offer and the young horse was ready to transition. 

It’s amazing what they can tell us if we dare to listen. Since then, Kumari has helped me to listen and communicate at ever deepening levels, making my job as a vet so much more complete, and the horses treatment more easily accepted, as I can now share why I am wanting to treat them so they are less nervous or resistant. Thank you Kumari for opening my eyes, ears and world to their songs. Reiki and animal communication not only makes me a better veterinarian, but a better human!!

Meg Mullin

DVM, Equine Vet and Paralympics in Tokyo

Deeper level of bonding for me and my cats

Dearest Kumari, I can’t tell you how beneficial your animal communication classes have been for me and my big cats. The skills you teach are the building blocks of a deeper level of bonding and communication between animals and their caretakers. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who is seeking a special rapport with the animal world.

Judy Berens

Founder Panther Ridge Conservation Center, FL

Meet Kumari

Kumari Mullin is a Reiki Master, intuitive coach, spiritual teacher and Animal Mystic. Kumari’s first love was her ex-race horse named Happy. Her passion for unveiling the deeply spiritual connection between humans and animals evokes the mystical from the mundane. Kumari has lived and studied with Meditation Masters, spiritual teachers and energy healers since 1988, including world-renowned interspecies telepathic communication pioneer Penelope Smith. She has helped thousands of people and their animal friends internationally including doctors, veterinarians, trainers, holistic practitioners and other animal and medical professionals to improve behavior, relieve stress, restore health, release limiting beliefs, experience their connectedness and unlock their natural healing abilities.



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