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What blocks YOU from really diving into your intuitive, manifesting and energy healing skills and creating your dream life filled with abundance, passion and purpose?

Whether you are a “newbie” and just beginning to test the intuitive and energy healing waters or you are already a healing professional, therapist or coach – over the past 30+ years this is what I’ve heard most frequently from my clients and students. Is this you too?

I feel so isolated where I live and work and I can’t talk to anyone to understand the spiritual and energetic shifts that are happening

I need more support, guidance and practice so I can begin to trust myself and my abilities, hold the higher energies and release my doubts and limiting beliefs

I would love a CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY where I could feel safe exploring and practicing my intuitive, healing and manifesting skills

I need MORE AFFORDABLE ACCESS as I can’t always travel to workshops cuz I am a zillion miles away in Australia, Europe, India, etc. and have a limited budget

I need help valuing, claiming and communicating my unique gifts so I can reach my ideal clients and get paid what I am worth.

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We hear you and are here to help you …

Open your INTUITIVE channels so you can make every decision (eg business, relationships, health) with the highest confidence and courage. Awaken and activate your INNER HEALER so you can take the best and highest care and nurture yourself, your loved ones and clients!

We believe…

EVERYONE is innately Intuitive… and everyone can be a Healer and Alchemist, with the right empowerment, support and training.

If you care deeply about people, pets and our planet, and want to:


• be a catalyst for change, starting from the inside out;

• take the best care of yourself, your loved ones, even your animals and all of nature

• gain clarity, wisdom and insight for any situation

• feel powerfully connected to Spirit, Soul and Source

• live your dream life doing what you love and make a difference in the world

All while enjoying the amazing impact energy healing can give you and your family, friends and clients!

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A compassionate, energetic global community offering personal intuitive mentoring, energy alchemy tools for spiritual growth, profound healing, and real transformation.

Perfect for all levels from newbies to advanced Energy Healers, Conscious Coaches, Soulful Leaders and Planet Shifters, for we know that as we uplift and heal ourselves, when we gather together to raise our energetic vibration, we are exponentially expanding a network of LoveLight that uplifts the whole world.

YES, I would love to join this sacred community!

Two convenient options:
One annual payment of $297
Recurring monthly payments of $44

It’s all about your EMPOWERMENT…

Our passion is EMPOWERING YOU… the (future) TEACHERS, HEALERS, CONSCIOUS LEADERS and PLANET SHIFTERS, to unwrap YOUR intuitive, healing and manifesting gifts.


OUR VISION for this ONLINE GLOBAL COMMUNITY – is to create a sacred space where we: 

Awaken and strengthen our innate intuitive clarity (yes this includes animal communication!) and energy healing abilities

Learn how to raise your vibration so you can manifest and co-create your dreams more effectively, and share our collective visions for the New Earth

Share a safe nurturing space where we celebrate the glory… and difficulty… of being a spiritual being in a human body at one of the most exciting yet challenging times in history.

This COLLECTIVE is the perfect SOUL-UTION to create a sacred healing and heart sharing “satsang” (Sanskrit for community of truth-seekers) to be fully seen and heard, which we all are longing for…

Register NOW for the Awakening Healers Collective and you’ll receive…

LIVE Monthly Training with Master Healers

You’ll get a 90 minute training with me and my expert healer each month, where you can get spotlight intuitive mentoring, energy clearings, healing meditations, intuitive readings, Q&A, and of course, and a chance to receive and give support, insight and healing to other members!

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*NEW* Monthly Live Personal HEAL-a-THON

In addition to our monthly live training, I have felt a pressing need to do more live personal group healings to support everyone in these most challenging and evolutionary times. We will work with as many individuals as time allows to help you get unstuck, feel rejuvenated, release the past, and to make space for the new frequencies that are available to uplift us.

We will all benefit immensely as each of our issues is a microcosm of the whole, and the power of the group healing vibrations create more ease for each transformation, while also empowering each of you with intuitive insights, powerful energy healing and alchemy techniques.

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Video Replays and All Past Archives

Can’t make it live? No problem, you will have the video replay to watch at your leisure, and everyone reports the original energy is totally present for you in the replay.

Need an energy boost asap? You get access to all past live video trainings since 2019. That’s over 31 healings, intuitive readings and energy practices programs to choose from!

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Private Online Global Community 

Members gain access to a safe and focused private online community that serves your desire for sharing best practices, conscious healing resources and connecting with spiritually aware soul brothers and sisters.

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Handouts, Tips and Techniques

Throughout your time in the Collective, we will also be providing members with bonus tips, templates, and techniques that will be focused on topics chosen by YOU. This means that whatever you are struggling with in the moment (or what you need more support around) can get the attention it deserves.

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Member-Only Discounts

All members will receive special savings as well as first options on many of my courses and retreats.


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SUPER BONUS: Energy Alchemy Level I Course

(Value: $97) 

A complete ENERGY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM to create a strong foundation for clearing negative energy, healing yourself and even your pets, and raising your vibration so you can manifest more of what you DO want and less of what you DON’T want. You receive: 5 Hours of professionally recorded audio downloads; 7 energy alchemy techniques to establish your inner alignment for increased clarity, harmony and health; soothing sound healing of high vibe crystal alchemy bowls; PLUS a handy downloadable Guide book to cement these new techniques so you have them when you need them.

Awaken Your Soul Audio Series

Ready to start healing?

You can have all of this for just $44 a month…or save even more with annual membership for only $297!

Life-changing trainings immediately accessible just for joining, plus all the monthly calls and ongoing bonus handouts, special discounts and personal healings, your membership into the Awakening Healers Collective is a no-brainer. Not to mention what this program can potentially save you … a ton of precious time and money that is currently being wasted by not being your happy, healthy, highest magnificent self.

I sincerely hope you join me and other kindred spirits for what is bound to be a life-altering experience… and together


Together, let’s get the world HEALED!

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Choose which payment plan you prefer:

One Year Membership Only $297/year! *best deal


Monthly Option: $44/month

For your convenience, we’ll automatically renew your annual or monthly membership so that you can continue to receive your content on a timely basis. You are totally free to cancel your monthly membership at any time.


Tap into the Power of Conscious Community

Member Raves…This Could Be You!

Sacred Community for Powerful Expansion, Growth & Practical Wisdom

“I can’t believe how important and impactful it has been to be part of a conscious community like this. I am deeply grateful to be so supported and held in such a heartfelt, powerful and sacred space, and to be able to do the same for others. I always feel so much gratitude and joy for the wisdom. Gently and masterfully guided by Kumari’s loving wisdom, we also learn from one another, co-creating a powerful space of expansion and growth. It is both esoteric and practical.

There is an honesty, a humility, a purity, a clarity, a sincerity and an essence of refinement (as in very pure high frequency) to your teaching and coaching. Even the word elegance comes to my mind, in the way that you share your own direct knowing, your own broad wisdom encompassing lessons from others, and your own life experiences. You are also very real-world practical, you walk the talk, and that’s the harder part.

You set the example for us to see that despite or even because of life’s challenges, life can be lived with highest of intentions and honor. Through your pure intention pours the love of Mother-Father God like a wise parent to a beloved child- you encourage us to embody our own empowerment through example-supporting and teaching and holding our hands when needed, yet all the while encouraging independence and strength to stand on our own. LOVE IT!”

Wendy Harmic

Chief Engineer, GWU, Washington DC

“Phenomenal meditations – a huge positive difference”

“Your Energy Alchemy Level 1 audios are a phenomenal collection of guided meditations for a beginner and even the most experienced meditator. I have purchased/tried 3 other meditation practices without success.  Thank you for providing a wonderful and simple way to do valuable guided meditations for various situations in my life. The grounding and column of light activation audios are my go to meditations daily.  I cannot even begin to say what a huge positive difference these 2 meditations have done for me personally, professionally and spiritually.  For the first time in my life I can calm my mind and reach an altered state during meditation on a consistent basis.”

Karen Emerson, FL

“Thank you for an amazing call Kumari. I experienced a beautiful shift… All of my problems have disappeared! It was fantastic! The energy was so high I feel great –wonderfully light. I love being part of this Community! I feel like I’ve found a spiritual home after a time in the wilderness. Thank you.”

Bhupinder Goraya, MD

United Kingdom

Meet Your Master Healers



Internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher, intuitive coach, Reiki Master and best-selling author, Kumari was a civil rights attorney when her father died of cancer, inspiring her to master energy medicine to ease suffering and heal holistically. Kumari is hosting an upcoming TV show entitled “BLISS” on the Divine Spirit Network, and hosted “Co-Creation Activations” on World Puja Network, a leader in empowerment radio. Her transformational work includes critically acclaimed courses on energy healing, intuitive and spiritual development and manifesting. She has facilitated thousands of people…and their beloved animals achieve profound transformations. Kumari transmits a powerful loving energetic presence where healing shifts occur spontaneously and the light and wisdom of the Soul is unveiled. She teaches with a practicality and playfulness that is disarmingly potent, fully anchored in the knowing that everyone, yes even YOU, can awaken to your divine nature and intuitive healing gifts.



I live deep in the magical heart of Celtic Wales, with my partner George and my master teacher/animal companion Finn. I have been an intuitive healer for many years, always working from an open heart and unconditional love. In my sessions I hold a crystal clear and focused sacred space, where compassion, gentleness, allowing and non-judgment open up the way for healing. Finely attuned to the invisible realm, with a special connection to the earth, the devic realms and animal kingdom, I am both a warrior of the light and simply a pure and joyful spirit. This unusual combination of spiritual power with lightness of touch has enabled me to help many on their journey to wholeness as a soul in a physical body, including our animal brethren.

YES, I would love to join this sacred community!

Two convenient options:
Full Year Membership Only $297
(*BEST DEAL, save $231 over monthly – that is 24 Live Healing & Meditation programs for about $12 each!)
Recurring monthly payments of $44
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Contact Us! Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

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