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Without even knowing it, most of us have long ago shut down much of our innate spiritual connectedness, our natural intuitive knowing, and our free flowing sensitivity to subtle energies that allow us to feel deeply connected, capable and conscious.

Alchemy is the art of transmuting an element (like lead into gold), or in this reference, an emotion or state of mind or being – from one state into another.

In this way, Energy Alchemy refers to the ability to transform our thoughts and feelings and ultimately our state of being and our Consciousness, from an unwanted or negative state to a higher, more positive and expanded experience, regardless of what is going on around us outwardly.

Energy Alchemy Level II program is perfect for you If you are longing to:

      • Increase your Intuitive Awareness for more clarity and certainty
      • Expand your capacity for Love, Trust and Compassionate Detachment
      • Open your spiritual channels for higher consciousness and wisdom

In Level 1 of the Awaken your Soul Energy Alchemy program, you learned how to set a strong foundation for your personal energy management, mindfulness and meditation practices — so you can begin to consistently set your space where you want it to be rather than be in constant reaction to everything and everyone around you.

I highly recommend you play with those techniques and practice that program first (rather than just listen to it). This will help to stabilize the lower chakras through grounding and clearing yourself and your energy field, so that these more advanced  higher chakra techniques will be smoother and easier for you to integrate.

In Energy Alchemy Level II, you will receive more advanced energy alchemy techniques and activations to:


      • Clear the noisy chatter of the monkey mind that hops incessantly from one thought to the next to the next giving you no peace
      • Eliminate the energetic imprints of limiting thoughts, beliefs and concepts of others that keep you stuck in past hurts and disappointments
      • Reclaim your seniority—your Spiritual Sovereignty — over yourself so you feel more centered and empowered in alignment with your Truth
      • Create the energetic alignments for you to connect more powerfully to your Sacred Heart so you can experience way more love, joy, reverence and communion
      • Journey to your most sacred space, your Heart Cave, and reopen this most powerful energy center to feel connected, empowered and completeActivate your Higher Mind awareness – a place of great wisdom, clarity, insight and spiritual detachment and discernment.

“The heart is the hub of all sacred spaces;

Go there and roam.”

~Bhagawan Nityananda

It is difficult to describe the amazing ease, flow, and divine grace you experience living within the Sacred Heart and the Higher Mind.

I hope you decide to find out for yourself and enjoy the Clarity, Purpose and Abundance of the Awakened Soul, so you can be the “Happy Healthy Wealthy & Wise” human that you long to be, and experience yourself as the Divine Human that you truly are.


What You Receive


      • This powerful self-study program contains 5 energy alchemy Activations, nearly 3 hours of guided audio instructions to help you easily hold and integrate the advanced energy techniques.
      • A step by step Guide so you can understand the purpose of each activation, and easily follow along with each technique.
      • Sound Healing with 5th Dimensional Alchemy Crystal Bowls easily entrains your entire being to both release any old tight energy patterns, and transport you to higher states of awareness, often feeling lighter and freer instantly.
      • Reiki energy healing from a Master sent during the recordings programmed for all who listen.

This Could Be You…

Thank you so very much for your audio series “Awaken Your Soul”. I listen to one of the discs each night as I am going to sleep, alternating with “Connecting with all Life” CD. I LOVE the sound of the crystal bowls …… they are so soothing and send me off to sleep thinking all good thoughts and releasing the tension that has me tight as a tick all day long. I wake up with a positive attitude and renewed energy for the day.

Judy Berens

Panther Ridge Conservation Center

Out of this world GREAT – my entire torso feel lighter

HOLY SMOKES!! OMG….the Sacred Heart meditation is out of this world GREAT!!!!! My entire torso still feels lighter and its been a couple of hours. I am doing this meditation every day!

Karen Emerson


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