Energy Alchemy Techniques to Access your Spiritual Power, Intuitive Clarity and Soul Purpose


Become an Energy Alchemist…

Learn how to manage your energy so you can be proactive rather than reactive, setting your vibe where you want, and lessen the chaos around you.

Imagine how your life would be if you could…

    • quickly shift from stressed and anxious to calm and centered
    • easily release your negative thoughts and feelings
    • regularly reset yourself to “happy, healthy, wealthy, wise”

Sounds great, right?

It is…but here lies the rub. Most of us were never taught how to do this!

Just like we need to brush our teeth daily, ideally we should also be clearing and resetting our energy vibration (that is, the sum total of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and consciousness).

Energy Alchemy is the ability to shift or transmute an unwanted state (eg overwhelmed, agitated, afraid) to a more desired state (eg calm, centered, serene, certain).

This foundational Energy Alchemy course  will help you to more easily manage your personal energetic space so you can consistently take charge of your thoughts and emotions rather than be in reaction to everything and everyone around you.

These “energy hygiene” techniques are so simple even a child can learn them, yet so profound they are life changing, not only for you, but for your family as well, even your beloved animals as well. As we learn to shift out of stress, we assist our animals to relax as well, and all sorts of issues clear up.

Amazing Benefits and Skills


These daily “energy hygiene” practices will help you:

    • dissolve limiting beliefs and old patterns that keep you stuck and stressed
    • release other peoples’ energies and negativity you unconsciously absorbed so you feel lighter and rejuvenated
    • raise your vibrational frequency (the sum of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and consciousness) so your energy is holding higher states of awareness more easily
    • deepen your meditation and spiritual connection
    • create your “central alignment” so you can cultivate crystal clarity and increase your intuitive knowing
    • align your intentions and become a vibrational match with all that your Heart and Soul desire….

You are invited to journey with me into the Clarity, Purpose and Abundance of the Awakened Soul, so you can be the “Happy Healthy Wealthy & Wise” human that you long to be, and experience yourself as the Divine Human that you truly are.

This course is PERFECT for you if:


      • You want to take charge of your health with simple, short and affordable practices you can do anywhere, anytime
      • You know you should meditate for better health and mental balance, but haven’t had any luck so far

      • You always wanted to learn how to heal yourself or others (including pets!) but didn’t know where to start 
      • You are a seasoned meditator, yet want to deepen your spiritual connection, and learn quick daily energy management skills you can use in your “walking around space” to help you to stay balanced, healthy and happy!

What You Receive:


        • This powerful self-study program contains 9 energy management practices, nearly 3 hours of guided audio instructions to help you easily learn and integrate the techniques.
        • A step by step Guide so you can understand the purpose of each tool, and follow along with each technique.
        • Sound Healing with 5th Dimensional Alchemy Crystal Bowls easily entrains your entire being to both release any old tight energy patterns, and transport you to higher states of awareness, often feeling lighter and freer instantly.
        • Reiki energy healing from a Master sent during the recordings programmed for all who listen.

This Could Be You…

Phenomenal — Huge positive difference

Your Level 1 course is a phenomenal collection of guided meditations for a beginner and even the most experienced meditator.  I have tried 3 other meditation practices without success.  Thank you for providing a wonderful and simple way to do valuable guided meditations for various situations in my life.  The Grounding and Column of Light activation audios are my go to meditations daily.   I cannot even begin to say what a huge positive difference these 2 meditations have done for me personally, professionally and spiritually.  For the first time in my life I can calm my mind and reach an altered state during meditation on a consistent basis.” 

Karen Emerson


Awoke quite upset then felt enormous bliss –even helping 9 yo granddaughter

“Kumari, I woke up feeling quite upset, and decided to listen to your new CDs. I felt like I was instantly back in Darshan with my beloved Guru. I felt enormous bliss and at first didn’t realize that tears of joy and release were streaming down my cheeks! The combination of your velvety voice, the simple yet powerful meditations, and the music is superb. I already started sharing it with my 9 yo granddaughter who was having a hard time at school and it helped her immediately. I will share your healing gem with everyone I know!”

Laxsman Dasi

Singer, Florida

Soothing the tension, renewed and positive

Thank you so very much for your audio series “Awaken Your Soul”. I listen to one of the discs each night as I am going to sleep, alternating with “Connecting with all Life” CD.   I LOVE the sound of the crystal bowls …… they are so soothing and send me off to sleep thinking all good thoughts and releasing the tension that has me tight as a tick all day long. I wake up with a positive attitude and renewed energy for the day.

Judy Berens

Panther Ridge Conservation Center

Magically Soothing and Uplifting; Powerful Energetic Alignment

“I am thoroughly enjoying the Awaken Your Soul series. Suitable for any stage on your spiritual journey, these CDs – like all of Kumari’s work – are generous, rich in content and filled with the Light that she is able to transmit directly and energetically through this medium. Listening to any of Kumari’s recordings I always feel as though I am physically present in her healing energetic field. From simple grounding techniques through to soft release and powerful energetic realignment, Kumari’s voice melts into your senses, your heart and your being in a magically soothing and uplifting way. And the crystal alchemy bowls simply have to be heard to be believed – their resonance is timeless and connects you with a deep certainty to your eternal source.”                                                                                    

Sue Tsigaros

CEO/Coach/Consultant, Australia

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