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Ascended Master Meditations at Aruna

with Kumari & Kumara


From Sebastian, Florida USA and livestreaming worldwide!


You are Invited to Aruna, Our Home & Sacred Portal

The powerful energy that is flowing into the Planet right now is a flood of blessings and creative abundance, but unless it is received in balance and integrated into your energy or Light Body, it has the potential to destabilize you.

If you are not grounding this energy you will feel these “upgrades” running rampant in your system, and may become fearful and angry. Those who have no connection with their Soul and Higher Self may feel lost, confused, anxious and feel out of place in the world.

Dear Ones, you are all most welcome to step across the threshold and claim your place in the Higher Dimensions of Light as they open on Earth.

Once grounded and integrated within, these intense frequencies of brilliant light will illuminate all that you do.

Let us help you focus on Higher Consciousness, Higher Wisdom, and what you desire to create for yourself and for the planet as you assist in the manifestation process for the New Earth in the next cycle through 2026.

The whole purpose of your evolution has been to reconnect Spirit and Body, Heaven and Earth, so that you reunite body and soul and experience the bliss of Oneness.

During these intense times of both incredible spiritual expansion and increasing chaos, you may find yourself feeling confused, frightened and exhausted at times, as we are navigating not only our own, but an entire planet’s awakening in consciousness.

Meditation Masters Kumari and Kumara will support your soul-full evolution through these new monthly meditations and transmissions of divine presence in their 5th dimensional sacred portal of Aruna.

Whether you are a new or seasoned meditator, you will be guided in spiritual practices of chant, mantra, pranayama and meditation creating a beautiful bridge between the ancient wisdom and cutting edge New Consciousness teachings. Extraordinary vibrational sound healing of alchemy crystal bowls, divine wisdom downloads and LoveLight energy transmissions will facilitate deep transformation and healing so you can reach your Highest Potential of heart-centered consciousness for greater ease, clarity, freedom and joy.


A Sacred Portal Opens

It all began in 2012, during our morning meditation of my first Divine Human Course, we felt a geyser of energy spouting out of our garden. It was the beginning phases of the birthing of a new sacred portal or vortex. Over time, it extended to our whole property like a beacon of light and peace that could be felt blocks away.

I innocently asked: “How does one tend a portal?” as this was all quite new to us. The answer was crystal clear: “Create your own version of the Garden of Eden. And many will come one day.” After six years of preparations, that day has arrived!

This year the Higher Vibrational energies of the 5th Dimension have fully anchored in our garden portal. I could feel such a softness here that didn’t exist anywhere else I traveled, like a caress on the skin that eased every nerve and muscle. Joy and peace began to pervade our lives fairly effortlessly.

I felt different this year as well, as my light body began to encompass my planetary purpose. I was expanding energetically, yet a bit raw and at times exhausted as I felt I was working even deeper with the earth energies to stabilize the difficult transitions we are all facing as old paradigms are swiftly crumbling around us.

As a boon, I was shown an etheric retreat realm called “Aruna” for me to visit in meditation to replenish and restore my being so I could more easily embody the higher frequencies of Love-Light and integrate them smoother in my body. It was like no other place I had experienced, akin to entering the Void… total emptiness, complete stillness, yet pregnant with all possibilities.

Spending time in Aruna was like entering the primordial womb of creation.

But there was a catch — it was meant only for me. I was not even supposed to share this amazing etheric meditation space with Kumara! That made me a bit sad, and I expressed my desire to share this gift that was helping me so much to cope with all the dramatic energy changes…

My prayers were answered…

Co-Creation of Aruna Here on Earth

One morning I got the news: ARUNA is anchored HERE in my garden portal!

Yeshua announced this soon after my plea to share it with others… a place that He said He created with me. I was beyond enthralled!

And, now I am guided to open the doors to all who wish to enter… while I am guided to teach and share the newest energetics and assist the balancing and integration processes.



Step Into Your Ascension Mastery…


We are entering a powerful opening through to the Seventh Dimension of Ascended Mastership, visionary Celia Fenn writes recently, and I concur.

Mastery means to be here on the Earth, in the midst of the turmoil and chaos, and to be in that place of Inner Stillness and Peace. It means to be connected to the powerful Flow of Divine Creative Intelligence and to be able to direct this Flow into Magical Manifestation through Intention and Focus. It means to live without fear, without expectations and attachments, but simply in the Flow of Love, Creativity and Divine Manifestation.

To live as a “Master” does not mean to be “perfect”. It means to be who you are as a Soul in a Body, and to express your Soul in alignment with Spirit, in everything that you experience and manifest on Earth.”



Don’t Miss This Sacred Satsang with the Kumarians & Company


Our intention is to support your spiritual acceleration and integration of the latest Light codes through totally new channeled teachings and activations.

You will also receive Alchemy crystal bowl attunements, 5th Dimensional alignments (and beyond) for all 13 chakras, and opportunities for Meditation in our sacred portal garden.

Meet Your Aruna Guides

For more than 30 years Kumara and Kumari immersed themselves in the spiritual path, living and studying in ashrams with world renowned spiritual teachers, energy healers, Reiki Masters and intuitives.

Kumari is an internationally acclaimed intuitive coach, Reiki Master, best-selling author, spiritual evolutionary and animal mystic, Kumari’s deepest joy is empowering YOU to unwrap your innate intuitive, manifesting and healing gifts.

Kumari is a spiritual evolutionary and catalyst for cosmic adventurers who want to awaken and reclaim your soul power and sacred connectedness. Her primary connection is with Yeshua (Hebrew for Jesus), and she also channels and transmits the energetic presence of the Archangels especially Archangel Michael and Metatron, Mother Mary and the Magdalenes, the Councils of Light, as well as the Dolphin Elders.

Kumari hosted “Co-Creation Activations” on World Puja Network, a leader in empowerment radio and will soon be airing a new TV show “Bliss” on Divine Spirit Network.

For more than 30 years Kumara and Kumari immersed themselves in the spiritual path, living and studying in ashrams with world renowned spiritual teachers, energy healers, Reiki Masters and intuitives.

Kumara is a true renaissance man: a renowned Temple Builder and master carpenter, Reiki Master and former Swami. He is a master of creating sacred space both in the physical and inner realms.

Together, Kumari and Kumara transmit a powerful loving energetic presence where healing shifts occur spontaneously and the Light and wisdom of the Soul is unveiled. They teach with a practicality and playfulness that is disarmingly potent, fully anchored in the knowing that everyone can awaken to their divine nature and spiritual and intuitive healing gifts.

Aruna Gathering Details



We will gathered both in person and via webinar in Sebastian, Florida USA. 


Format: Attend in person (limit 26 in person) or via livestream

Suggested Love Offering: Suggested donation is $22 per person for both in person and livestream, but any amount is appreciated. Register for all 7, and save!

Bonus: all registered participants will receive the video recordings for each session.

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What Participants Are Saying…

Most remarkable healing – gave me strength to believe in myself

Spectacular is an understatement as it was the most remarkable healing I’ve ever experienced. It was refreshing to hear there’s no right or wrong to it, but just feel, which is what I did!

It began with the fountain on the porch with its glistening water sending white light to my heart. It was the beginning of letting myself free from my inhibitions and preconceived notions. So, when the crystal bowl was played and you told us to look for the green or gold, I found myself in the middle of OZ experiencing the warmth of gold and empowerment of green.

Then these words came thru, and I experienced what I’ve been taught all along by teachers, therapists, the book I’ve written, because they all culminated in “Your power is within you and you are the one who must seek and embrace it.” In my 67 years that I have felt the positive energy before, but was AFRAID to embrace it.

I thank you for this journey as your teachings gave me the strength to believe in myself and my goodness within. Though my journey has just begun I will continue it with your help and brilliant knowledge!

Debs n Tyler


MAGICALLY WONDERFUL and Much Easier to Function

“I have had a lot of emotions arise that are really overwhelming for a few months now. Even though I missed the livestream, I did feel your healing. It was magically wonderful and I feel very grateful. It’s been much easier to function normally and move out the debris since the healing.”

Major Shifts and Body Still Humming

“Thank you for an amazing call from your Aruna garden. The energies were strong and I had some major shifts. This morning as I meditated I was there with the birds singing in the trees and Yeshua with the guides. My body is still humming!”

Janet Olson


From totally drowning to tingling release – helped a ton!!  

“Lately I’ve been really struggling and feeling like I am totally drowning. Yesterday’s meditation helped a ton! So much energy was moving for me. Full body tingling and releasing. I felt so much better. Thank you so much for all you give us!”  


North Carolina

Lifetime Quest Came True: Felt My Spiritual Guides Embrace Me

“One of my lifetime quests was to personally experience my spiritual Guides. Kumari sent me to sit in her lovely Aruna garden portal, and within just a few minutes tears of deepest joy were streaming as I not only saw them, but I FELT them embrace me! Then I also heard my main guide was Archangel Gabriel.

Nothing like this has EVER happened before; I was instantly swimming in an ocean of Peace and gratitude.

Ellie Spangler


Amazingly Powerful Energy; Feeling Strong, Clear and Whole

“The Aruna meditation yesterday was AMAZING!!! When I first walked up to the house, my whole body started tingling – almost shaking, the vibration was so high. I had to run out to the grass as quickly as possible so that I could fully anchor, ground, breathe, and expand into the amazingly powerful energy! It was a wonderful feeling!

Today, upon waking up, I felt different. I felt strong in my core, and perfectly fine with being here (in my human world), and my mind was clear! I feel so validated in who I am, here on the planet. I have seen how REAL you are, and I now see an example of how I can be whole. If you can be so out there and also create such an uplifting, life generating space and way of living here, then I think that I can too! And I feel more Real and more whole. Wow!!!!”

Annette Coykendall


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